SamMobile has a new design! Let us know what you think

As our longtime readers will know, we often make changes to the site design for It’s all done to make sure that our readers can quickly find the information that they’re looking for and that their visit to our website is a pleasant one. To that end, we have made some significant changes to the design once again and would like to walk you through them.

There’s great news for people who love a darker theme. Our Dark Mode, a feature that previously required you to login to the website, is now available for everyone. You’ll find the toggle in the upper right hand corner – just click on the moon to enable Dark Mode. Eagle-eyed users will notice that the font seems familiar. We’re using the same Samsung One font as the one used for One UI.

The homepage now has a list view so that visitors can see more news articles on the homepage and quickly get up to date on the latest Samsung news. A fire icon has also been added to show the hottest news stories, you know, the ones that you should absolutely read. We will continue to make tweaks and improvements as we go along.

Please do leave a comment below and let us know what you like or dislike about this new design. We’re always happy to consider any suggestions that our readers have.

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