Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + Plus Leak Preview: Specs, Price, Features!

There’s less than a month left to go until the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus and Note 10 5G are unveiled in New York, and we already know a great deal about what to expect from Samsung’s biggest flagship of 2019!

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  1. Fuck Samsung they turning into apple there midrangers have a headphone jack y can't the flagship get it also I've seen phones with fans heat pipe and so on they just want u to Shell out 250$ for three Bluetooth headphones but not me

  2. I'm anxious for this event on August 7th. I've had a Note8 for a couple years now and broke the screen just last year. Couldn't get anyone to replace it (not even samsung or their authorized repair centers) so I purchased a chinese knockoff screen for $350.

    Still in the samsung military case that screen broke not 2 months later and I can't justify getting a new one as 2 screens would have been the cost of a new phone.

    I've just been sitting here with a cracked screen that is missing a big portion of the top glass layer waiting for the release of the Note10. Haven't even paid this one off yet lol.

    If they drop the ball, I'm going to have to pull back to the Note9 or make the leap to another brand.

  3. This is the same overprice crap since the few models after the first one. It still comes with the same crap no one wants and always improving the shit no one wants.😗

  4. No headphone jack, the hell you say. Yikes, on your most premium phone? Say it ain't so. No jack or micro s/d, I luv the note series but I'll pass this time around. Samsung is beginning to get a little to Appleish for my taste!

  5. The S Pen will have gesture features.

    There will also be an "audio zoom" feature. When recording, if you zoom in, the mics will not pick up the close sound.

    I'm also told there will be a better built in video editing.

  6. I don't mind the headphone jack but micro sd too. Now I'm think twice about getting the Note 10. Might upgrade from my Note 8 to 9 or something else. Maybe wait for Note 11. But I can't wait and I was so excited for the Note 10 until we got closer to the release date. 😫😫

  7. The note 10 seems like a good phone, a great phone even. For a dedicated note user though this one seems so… Eh

    The Note 9 is so good, I love this phone to death but they really dropped the ball with the 10.
    Hopefully enough people complain about the removal of the headphone jack, just like when Sammy tried to take away expandable memory from us with the S6

  8. Samsung should make the S pen carbon fiber instead of that cheap look plastic. The A80 looks way better and cost a lot less.

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