Samsung Galaxy Note 3 GFXBench, AnTuTu and Vellamo benchmarks

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PhoneArena presents a benchmark video starring the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Curious to see how the new phablet by Samsung is going to perform in synthetic benchmarks? Well, look no further – the answer is right here, but keep in mind that the final version of the device may achieve some slightly different scores.


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  1. 29,000 on Antutu IS NOT the highest lmao! My G2 is ranked 19th with a 36,040 bone stock. Seeing how there aren't any stable Custom roms available just yet The note 3 is NOT the most powerful phone on earth by any means lol

  2. dont rely on benchmarks, android phones specially samsung ones overclock or activate all cores when they detect a benchmark put in normal usage you dont even get half of that + its not always cores and ghz that make a phone fast its more about the software put into that phone

  3. For All of you guys .. Actually korea learned a tech education from japan .. Specially samsung go check the bio of samsung's founder on wiki .. 🙂

  4. If this person said 29,000 blah blah .. and THEN said probably the best out there.. he has definitely NOT got out of his cave for a while .. G2 anyone? Not to mention that it has already been flagged for .. yet again manipulate the cores to perform at full stress when benchmarked .. remember those days we use to fight with Iphone fan boys because they were blind to any specs or benchmarks? If you buy the note 3 .. based on this, maybe you got some thinking to do ..

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