Samsung Galaxy S 4 Group Play and S Translator demo

PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy S 4’s Group Play and S Translator features.
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  1. Yeah. You're right, they should make Arabic available in S translate and they probably will sooner or later.

  2. Ok you're right it's the 5th not the 4th biggest language but don't you think it is big enough to be in the S translate? Not to mention that all video games don't come in Arabic , I don't know if it has sth to do with the market or it's just because developers don't give a f* about Arabic speakers but Arabic is still one of the world's most spoken languages whether they like it or not !

  3. I googled "biggest native languages" and clicked some links like wikipedia and wiki answers. Seems like Arabic is in the 5th place.

  4. That's exactly what i did. Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish and English are bigger languages. Maybe you should check your information again 😉

  5. In terms of native speakers it's the 4th most spoken language, google it if you want and FYI Russian has only about 150 million native speakers whereas Arabic as more than 300 million ! Next time check your information before commenting!

  6. I wonder why there isn't Arabic in the S translate, it's the 4th most spoken language worldwide and it's not like Samsung doesn't have a big market in the Arab lands … so weird !

  7. It was too loud for translate to work, so the mic may have recorded somthing like that….. sfdgfhgjgdjlikonHELLOgadwdzgukmoj

    So it u can translate that , hats of to you

  8. OK so why the fuck is the notification bar completely transparent, what if I add a messy wallpaper, real smooth Samsung

  9. Right, because in real life when I'm traveling there's never any noise and there's always perfect internet connectivity when I'm lost. Have you guys ever actually traveled?

  10. Shitty luck, for the rest of people who wants Spanish, English, French, Italian, etc, etc. it's perfect.

    How many languages you were expecting see?? 200??

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