Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor demonstration

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PhoneArena is at MWC 2014, and naturally most of our time is dedicated to the Galaxy S5 smartphone. One of its new notable new features is a fingerprint sensor that is built into its home button. Note that it’s a swipe sensor, so it’s going to be a bit different from what you know from the iPhone 5s. Check it out in action in the video!


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  1. I mean sure they didn't copy Apple they just did the same thing apple did, it's never ok to copy the exact same thing, you try to make it better, now I do support Apple but if Samsung wanted to knock Apple down they should have worked harder and made the entire screen a fingerprint scanner so the phone always knows who is using it… Maybe Apple will add that on the iPhone 10S and Samsung on The Galaxy S11 when everyone starts to realize they improve nothing with every new model…  except bigger screens to make phones turn into backpacks…

  2. It's a business and anyways what does it matter if Samsung copied Apple…,they are just securing their place in the business world. They don't want to fall back on new tech. Period. Because of Samsung's success, is Apple now copying Samsung by getting into the smart watch business or the phablet business? No. They are just trying to stay with new tech. Other companies will probably follow suit with the fingerprint scanning now because they don't want to be left behind.

  3. Just a half baked fingerprint sensor experimenting for the users and in order to catch up with apple. Pathetic..

  4. Can I unlock it with both my thumb and my index finger? Or how do I register my thumb if I already registered my index finger? Do I have to register it as I am another person that uses the phone? 🙂

  5. They made it a swiping fingerprint scanner so it doesn't look exactly like apple, but if thats called copying then apple copied motorola atrix

  6. The swiping motion is from motorola right? Apple solution of scanning a still finger is nice, and swiping motion feels like it may fail to read it. Plus, will it be able to read fingerprints and heart rates underwater since the phone is water proof? If it does, than its not that bad of an idea at all then.

  7. guess my note 3 is still a keeper, im hoping the best for note 4, ill just hope they wont screw up the design, for me the note series is still the best looking phones in samsung's range.

  8. 1:30 German guy talking in the  background 😀 
    but seriously this phone SUCKS and it barely works haha 😀 
    taking water resistance from sony and fingerprint sensor from apple

  9. I'm gonna wait to see the LG G3 then I will make my decision!
    This finger scanner is freaking fast, hope it works most of the time!

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