Sony Xperia Z vs Xperia ZL

We have one of the knowledgeable representatives at the Sony CES booth give us the rundown of differences between the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. It is likely fair to say that both of these devices can be considered Sony’s flagship devices depending on which trade-off features you are looking for in either smartphone. Do you want water resistance? Go Z. Want a slightly smaller phone with all the same internal specs? The ZL is your choice.

Our guy at the Sony CES booth breaks it down for us.
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  1. Man, you have both good cellphones to make the comparison. Don't just use the theory to show what both have… We want to see the practice!

  2. πŸ™ the ZL isn't as widely available as the Z. They don't have it anywhere in Europe except for like Germany and I guess England and stuff πŸ™

  3. jesu najavili kod vas kad dolazi ZL, mi u hr imamo samo Z
    i pitao sam ove kad ce doci ZL u ponudi oni meni odgovorili ZL?
    ni neznaju da je izasao hahaha to me brine jer mozda izade kasnije nego u drugim zemljama…. i oce li kostati vise od Z?

  4. well I really got pissed off by the fact that only due to waterproof capabilities of xperia z it had some major components missing and/or display being bad and sound of speakers being a little bad but the "zl"gives all of that back to us with a decent hardware which is very much comparable to lg optimus g and more nicer than it with just a little more price tag!!

  5. No, gorilla glass is not the same as tempered glass. Tempered glass is just glass modified so that when shattered it will break into very small dust pieces instead of large sharp pieces mainly for safety. Corning is a brand and gorilla glass is their product line which allows thinner glass without losing strength and also scratch resistance.

  6. The ZL is a better phone, I think. The only advantages athe Z has are the glass, which breaks more easily, and the waterproofing, which requires annoying flaps over all the ports. The ZL is more compact, has a nice, rounded, durable back, IR blaster, camera button, and I've read that the ZL actually has 64 GB of expandable memory as opposed to the 32 they said on the video. Seriously considering jumping ship to at&t for these.

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  8. This is very anoing , the Z is much better looking because of it's glass back, but the Z is more practical , the should have kept the same look and only change the buttons and the camera as they did

  9. well i know my next phone. and tbh, ZL looks much nicer to me, smaller, no glassy backside, and all the same in specs… seems like a bigger benefit than a water resistance, which i've never had a problem with before, so… yeah…

  10. Do you think it will be able to make like.. the volume button usable as a camera button on the xperia Z? cause that's the ONLY thing that makes me want ZL more ! please answer anyone!

  11. Z is much better day to day basis of life I wudnt be walking round town and need need/use sum thing to change chanels if you out drunk and drop ya z down the toilet or on concrete I can't see the Chanel changer being any use so you lose a lot with zl,basically the z is a phone that can last a life time solid glass water proof what great way to protect such nice expensive phone Sony is the future….do you want to pay for insurance….no….well no need to really with z,hands down winner for me.

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