Sony Xperia Z1S Demo

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Live from CES 2014 PhoneArena presents a video demo of the Sony Xperia Z1S.


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  1. No lag with that processor. Great phone with a bump up in internal memory. Going to pick that beast up, Thank You Sony & T-Mobile.

  2. Z1S it is the same as Z1, Z1S is Z1 for American market with 32GB built-in storage (that is the only diffrence), Americans got Z1 with bigger lag than Europe or Asia, that's it!

  3. Again Sony and their constant releases. The Z and Z1 will be obsolete devices by the end of the year (if Z is not obsolete already). Sony's Planned Obsolence is the shortest in the world, they don't give at least 8 months to their flagships. Their phones are released with old Android versions and updated 1 or 2 times at most but never up to the latest versions. Story repeats… x10, Arc/ArcS, S/T, Z/Z1. 

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