Sony Xperia Z2 Review

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PhoneArena presents a Sony Xperia Z2 review – the company’s latest heavy-hitter has arrived to challenge the status quo by presenting us with a no-compromise approach to the high-end Android smartphone experience. Will the Xperia Z2 succeed in gaining enough traction to establish itself as one of the leaders on the market in 2014? Watch our review to find out!


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  1. can someone please help me?!!
    i am going to buy a new phone in the next 2 days but i hesitate too much between the xperia z2 and nokia lumia 930
    which one should i buy?

    i know that the z2 is largely better than the 930 but i hear people complain about that the z2 is heating too much when you use the 4k camera or when you play games…

  2. Don't know what's this guy's problem. All of Phone arena's reviews on xperia have always been bad. Just get of Sony's tail and carry on suckling Samsung's and Apple's mini Penis

  3. Quick note here, in the video he mentioned that the UI is not as responsive as something like the iPhone 5s, but that is not sony's fault. That's just the way android handles touch inputs, and therefore is a little restricted in terms of responsiveness

  4. Also a note after watching the whole video twice over to make sure I was right this channel seems to be very favoured towards iphones yet in most ways they are not a real competitor as it's an entirely different market they work for.. Just seemed strange to have a channel that reviews hundreds of phones favouring what id say was a weaker model

  5. I have an xperia z2 and although some people may not agree from personal experience I've had no problems with this phone since I got it, I've had no lag in the games I've played I don't know if that's because I mainly play racing games but yeah, my z2 has never been slow and disagreeing with the video I would say its pretty close to lightning fast when it comes to games and things alike. Obviously I'm going to be a bit biased as I own the phone and I like it but seriously if you ask anyone who owns one if you should get one too id guarantee 99.9% of the time they'd say go for it

  6. Why is it it's always that stupid monsters vs aliens trailer they demo the screen with?? Haven't they any other videos? Obviously not!!

  7. Samsung = S.H.I.T

    I do not mind u criticizing Sony Xperias although they are a brand that is all Quality,name me one Smartphone brand that provides a dedicated camera key with every single product of theirs starting right from their most basic model and if u take a look on GSM Arena website 4 out of top 5 user rated phones there are all Xperias.

    But Samsungs are like cheap chinese knockoff Android phones so dont even be telling me that Samsungs are the Top Android Brands,Samsung may have good marketing strategy and deeper reach in even the remote markets across the world and hence sell more of their knockoffs than any other Android Brand but they are certainly not the Top Android phone Brand based on Quality,they are laggy in most cases and quite horribly at that,then they also fail at performing the most basic functions of a phone properly,dont provide a dedicated camera key even with their high-end models and last but not the least have a software that is not pleasing to the eye its like they got it designed by some noob software engineer.

    On the factor of Compromising if Sony Xperia score 2 out of 10 Samsungs score like 8 out of 10.

  8. which models of the phone come with the noise canceling earphones???
    and where can I buy said models???

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