The Galaxy Note 10 makes me love the S10e even MORE 💖

Check out our Note 10 hands on:

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are EXPENSIVE. That reminded us that the s10e is one of the best phones this year, and at an amazing price to match.

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  1. Flat screen, great camera, great specs, headphone and sd support, great price. I don't know why anyone would want anything else.

  2. If they name note 10 as "note 10e" no one would be complaining. Is just inferior than s10 plus. But they want to price note 10 plus over 1100 dollars

  3. Still have a note 8 + S8+, no longer upgrading every couple of years. Once I get to know the new stuff with a phone, I forget about it and wonder why I got a new phone months later.

  4. so after the launch of regular note 10, the 'e' on the s10e has become extraordinary rather than economics 😂

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