These were the classic flip phones that everyone used (and we miss them)

Many of the flip phones released from the mid 1990s to the mid 2000s are now regarded as classics. Here are some of them that we all miss.

Ericsson T28 footage:

Motorola V300 footage:

Motorola StarTAC footage:

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  1. How do you guys have a list of top flip phones and not mention the Motorola i90, i95, i730, i860??? Doot doot, where you at?

  2. My favourite flip phone of all time is the LG Shine (Flip), that thing was beautiful.

    I remember the RAZR being so cool, but then the LG Chocolate came along and I forgot all about the RAZR lol.

  3. PhoneArena – I had the RAZOR flip phone and used that successfully for ten years – sigh, would be nice if phones could still be in service that long today. I remember saving for that and got the pink/purple model…hmm, which was pretty much the deciding factor for me back then. How things change, eh?Fun video, thank you.

  4. Do you actually miss these old phones?
    I had several in the late 90s and early noughties. But I don't miss anything except for the battery time.
    But it's not battery life that has decreased, but the amount of power required by the phone that has increased.
    No. I don't miss those phones. But they were awesome at the time.

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