This Week in Development – Quick Take: Google versus Oracle

In today’s Quick Take of This Week in Development, Jordan takes time out of his Memorial Day weekend to cover a couple stories of interest from the XDA Portal. In some exciting Android and patent news, JOrdan talks about the Google versus Oracle debate. Jordan mentions a couple neat developments on the XDA-Developers Forum, from the Facelock Face Recognition Locking App for Gingerbread and getting Android notifications on your desktop with DeskNotifier. Jordan then talks about the Custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Desire S. Finally, Jordan mentions our new Pro Tip video on XDA TV. So check out this Memorial Day episode of XDA TV. XDA TV and its staff thanks the families and troops that gave their lives for our freedom.

XDA Portal:
XDA Forums:

Links to stories mentioned:

FaceLock Face Recognition App Locking for Gingerbread

DeskNotifier Brings Android Notifications To Your Windows Desktop:

First Custom 4.0.4 ROM Released for the Desire S

Google Beats Oracle in Court, Android Users Rejoice

Pro Tip 3: Developing a Custom ROM On-Device — XDA TV

Jordan’s YouTube Channel:
Make sure to check out the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012!


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  1. Definitely no offense taken on my part. If I had more time to devote to researching, I'd be double and triple checking all of the stories myself, but in this case, I primarily just regurgitate a lot of what's available on the XDA portal. 🙂

  2. apple makes quiet and comfortable keyboards that were priced just the same as a PC keyboard would have been, but with nicer build quality and it came with an extension cable. 🙂

  3. it's the OS spin on the "Coexist" bumper sticker spelled out with religious symbols, uses relative shapes of symbols versus the names of OSes they represent.

  4. Well from what I had read in the LTE forums that resetting GW 3x's will void warranty, now this may or not be true. But flashing the RUU to restore will end up having to reset GW up again, that is a Red Flag for banks that has accounts links to your wallet, they might think "hacking" but not really, so if info stored to auto GW to re-connect again good, but if you reset all info to start over not good. Now rooted device with SU deny it when using it so it wont disturb the element, RUU will.

  5. something in Google Wallet? What did you have in mind? I don't own a device that has NFC at the moment, but I've got a friend who does, so I can probably arrange getting him back on video with me.

  6. Morning Jordan, see if you can find something in Google Wallet for us and add a segment to your next video, there is just way too much confusion for that app right now and I just don't have the time to look it up Sir. If could be very appreciative, Great Day!

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