This Week in Development: The Chainfire Block

Expert news summarizer Jordan returns for today’s episode of This Week in Development. Jordan talks about Microsoft’s on{X} Quick Look and Tutorial. Jordan mentions another XDA Portal news article about a Beginners App creation tutorial. Jordan then covers the deluge of XDA Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire’s latest developments, from CF-Root being Released for the International Samsung Galaxy S III I9300, to Possibly the Final Release of TriangleAway for the Samsung Galaxy S III and International Note, to Mobile ODIN Updated for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300. Jordan talks about the developments for the Xperia Pro, Arc, Arc S, Sola, U and P. Lastly Jordan reminds you of his Linux tutorial from earlier this week

XDA Portal:
XDA Forums:

Links to stories mentioned:

Microsoft’s on{X} Quick Look and Tutorial:

HelloWorld Tutorial to Help Beginners Create Their First App:

Unofficial ClockworkMod Port Appears on the SGS3:

CF-Root Released for the International Samsung Galaxy S III I9300:

TriangleAway Updated for the Samsung Galaxy S III and International Note, Possibly Final Release:

Mobile ODIN Updated for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300:

New Automated HTC EVO 4G LTE Root Method:

Xperia Pro, Arc, and Arc S Get Android 4.0.4 Root:

Root and First Custom ROMs for Xperia Sola, U, and P:

Learn to Use Linux for Mobile Development: Beginning Commands — XDA TV:

Jordan’s YouTube Channel:
Make sure to check out the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012!


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  1. 4:27 haha I love when anyone tries to say my name out loud. It's different every time πŸ˜› I should have thought about that when I thought of the name…

  2. this is a sneaky strategy for microsoft. on{x} is kind of crowdsourcing,"how android users wants to use their smartphone?" then they just need to offer the popular scripts as native part of windows phone. *ka ching*

  3. I'm not too sure about how happy I am that Lucifer tried to speak with me, through this video @5.17 . I'm being serious.

  4. you may already have this or be planning on it, but since you mention that the future holds many more Pro-Tips and How-To's to come, it would be nice if you could keep track of all them in a single article, thread, or post, as more and more are added. great video and thanks for everything!

  5. Dude! now I am watching it tonight πŸ™‚ Small world, hope you got the info I had inbox you about you're contact's please, and do Have a GREAT week-end!

  6. Google will becareful since history(1985) might repeat itself, microsoft patton the idea win95 was born, android is a very big threat to MSFT globally, they will take what it's needed and drop android like a rotten apple?

    And the"RegawMOD" method is awesome and would recommend to the 3voLTE users, and for you! I dare you grease your hair next video with the same shirt and sing! "Go grease lightning!"LOL

    Great week end Guys!

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