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In today’s episode of XDA TV, we learn Sam has little regard for a Sunday agenda. He talks about a CM7 port to the Kindle Fire, the inevitable death of WebOS, CarrierIQ and their inability to not be creepy, and news of the new hardware-hacking forum. Links below!

CM7 on Kindle Fire:


Death of WebOS:


CarrierIQ is far too creepy:


Hardware-hacking forum added:



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  1. web os is so much better than apple – especially on a phone – this kid did this to start a controversy– so he can get some views — ha ha bravo chap ! my web os tablet combined with my palm pixie phone will blow away a locked down i phone – and mine is a dual boot – you can have android w web os on the touchpad –

  2. web os is so much better than apple – especially on a phone – this kid did this to start a controversy– so he can get some views — ha ha bravo chap ! wy tablet has both web os and android dual boot. see ur i pad do that

  3. So I am a big webOS fan, so it is a little tough for me to be ridiculous, but I will try to be reasonable. I just made the switch to Android, and the things I really miss are the card view, which I understand, you do not understand, and non-intrusive notifications. It doesn't make a difference to me at all that you can individually dismiss notifications if you still have to cover up the entire screen to do so. It doesn't do things other platforms can't. It just does some things a lot better.

  4. Since when did people have to start defending their phones software like it was their own personal religion? Good lord people need to get a life.

  5. What are you smoking? I'm an android fanboy and an android dev but WebOS is amazing. I've owned android and ios devices but webos seems the most complete.

  6. I find WebOS pretty awesome. I actually use my Touchpad more than my Transformer. I find the browser more capable than on Android. And overall it's just more polished. I do hope ICS brings a lot more polish to it's user experience. Major downfall like you said will always be app support.

    I still identify as the tweeter kids call #TeamAndroid but I wouldn't turn my nose up if WebOS found a way to live.

  7. I actually enjoy using webOS on my touchpad. If cm7 was better on it I would use it over webOS but because it is still in alpha I only use webOS. O and the browser on the touchpad is very nice to use

  8. I personally enjoy my HP Touchpad a lot, it is much better than the iPad in all ways but the application store HP really had a chance to make an awesome ecosystem based on webOS if they stuck with it, they had the manpower and money at their disposal but they blew it doing nothing for a year while everyone else advanced.

  9. Oh, you. …and you're spikey hair. I remember the day that WebOS was coming out, I went straight to the carrier that sold it, messed with it and immediately told the guy who as talking to me about it that I had negative interest for it. Ahh, those were the days. Android clearly is the platform of choice. Why am I still using WinMo 6.1. Oh yeah, I refuse to buy a phone that often. Well, soon enough I'll have an Androidgenous phone. Until later, good bye.

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