Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars (Official Video)

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Director: Thom Zimny
Producer: Thom Zimny, Paul McGuire
AP: Adrienne Gerard
DP: Joe Desalvo
Art Director: Kris Moran
Editor: Thom Zimny
Conform and Color: Brian Miele
Desert Footage: Danny Clinch and Josh Goleman


I wake up in the morning, just glad my boots are on
Instead of empty in the whispering grasses,
Down the Five at Forest Lawn
On the set, the makeup girl brings me two raw eggs and a shot of gin
When I give it all up for that little blue pill
That promises to bring it all back to you again

Ride me down easy, ride me down easy friend
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again

Here in the canyons above Sunset, the desert don’t give up the fight
A coyote with someone’s Chihuahua in its teeth skitters ‘cross my veranda in the
Some lost sheep from Oklahoma sips her Mojito down at the Whiskey Bar
Smiles and says she thinks she remembers me from that commercial with the
credit card

Hell these days there ain’t no more, now there’s just again
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again

Sundays I take my El Camino, throw my saddle in and go
East to the desert where the charros, they still ride and rope
Our American brothers cross the wire and bring the old ways with them
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again

Once I was shot by John Wayne, yea, it was towards the end
That one scene’s bought me a thousand drinks, set me up and I’ll tell it for you

Here’s to the cowboys, and the riders in the whirlwind
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again
And the western stars are shining bright again

Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds
The western stars are shining bright again
C’mon and ride me down easy, ride me down easy friend
‘Cause tonight the western stars are shining bright again

I woke up this morning just glad my boots were on

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  1. Just when you’re ready to give up. Nothing but f’ing hip hop and auto-tune garbage assaulting you in the supermarket, a window opens a fresh air blows in. Bruce is a bottomless pit of wonderful music. Songs for listening to. Songs that paint an image worthy of any master. Thank you again Boss.

  2. That is a beautiful song. It does trouble me though that he is 69 and he is looking old in this video. Seems like just yesterday the young Boss was singing Born to Run and Born in the USA.

  3. Como siempre el mejor cómo me gustaría pasar todo un día o más escuchando a Bruce con esa hermosa voz que me llena el alma .dios te proteja siempre y eternamente .te amo Bruce sos mí gran Jefe .😊🙌🍀❤️🙌💋🍀🙌💋🙌❤️🍀😘😘😘😘🙋🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. In Bruce Springsteens songs I feel a USA I can relate to, a healthy, beautiful patriotism that is proud of its people and their resilience and generosity instead of its guns, its wars and its politicians. Greetings from Germany!

  5. Bruce Springsteen's fan base turned me into a hard-core conservative….As I see it: no one is more hateful, spiteful or intolerant than the average liberal.

  6. Hard to believe Bruce Springsteen is a liberal d!ckhead that believes Americans are unfit to live free. If he sees someone walking the streets and living their life he believes they should be put down like a stray dog.

  7. Bruce is a guy grieving for his Country, consoling himself with everything that has always been timelessly great about America and universal about life
    – the land, the night sky, the western stars. The things we have in common, while politicians keep trying to tear us apart (you KNOW who I mean).

  8. Relevant. When the “legacy players” comeback after a lifetime playing their hearts out you think…what else can you do? Is there anything else to write about? Apparently so. Teaching this generation what music really is. So sorry we demand so much from our faves but when you put out a song like this it’s very much worth it, dare I say, one of your best? Never stop never stopping!

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