Skillet – Anchor (Lyric Video)

Skillet’s official lyric video for their new single ‘Anchor’ from our upcoming album Victorious – Available August 2nd.

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  1. First listening: I'm crying
    Twelfth listening: I'm standing inside my living room with a lighter. I sing and I'm crying too.
    Best band EVERRR!!!

  2. i remember your first song 🙂 now your songs evolved from gold to diamond ………i love your songs! 🙂 i remember how happy i was listening your first song it was really good time.Now i am crying listening this song cus its reminds me old times which will never come back…

  3. When they say "So steady me, steady me now" I had paused it at a specific time and my mum came into my room and said "steady eddy?" Then I said no it's skillet new song "Anchor" how did you get that from this?😂😂😂

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