The Black Keys – Go [Official Music Video]

The Black Keys “Go” –
New album “Let’s Rock” – June 28

Director: Bryan Schlam
Director of Photography: Ben Carey
Color: Sofie Borup
Executive Producers: Isaac Rice, Missy Galanida


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  1. im at work when i got the notification and i immediately stopped working just to listen to TBK fuck they're making a comeback and i love it

  2. In the summer time
    Getting hot outside
    The streets are bare
    There's no one there
    And the valley is wide

    [Verse 2]
    There comes a time
    Two hearts of gold
    Live together
    Run forever
    On the open road

    They gotta go oh-oh-oh
    They gotta go oh-oh-oh

    [Verse 3]
    In the winter time
    When the day is long
    You're halfway there
    The field is bare
    And the fire is gone

    [Verse 4]
    Are you all alone?
    Are you feeling cold?
    Find your flame
    Call her name
    And hit the road

    You gotta go oh-oh-oh
    You gotta go oh-oh-oh

    You gotta go oh-oh-oh
    You gotta go oh-oh-oh
    You gotta go oh-oh-oh

  3. I liked them way better before they were known. Once gold on the cieling album dropped it was a whole different band. Much like every band once they get on the radio.

  4. Good song and very funny video!  Love the various middle finger salutes.  Next black keys song, middle finger salute?!

  5. Love the shot at 1:55. They are at the extreme opposite edges of the frame. Perfect to keep the "we hate each other" vibe going. Great observation by the director!

  6. A bit disappointed by their new songs, not as creative as they once were, I get that they're back to their roots, but it seems too catchy, too Pop for me…

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