POCO F2 Pro Review – A battery champ that cuts the right corners

The Pocophone F1, also known as the POCO F1 in some markets, launched with flagship specs at a killer price at the end of 2018. A hit amongst smartphone enthusiasts, the POCO F1 was one of the cheapest Snapdragon 845-powered smartphones to hit the market, though it wasn’t without its compromises. A massive iPhone-like notch cutting into a 1080p LCD, weak haptics, and no NFC, to name a few cons, put the Pocophone F1 in an interesting spot. Sure it had a flagship chipset, but the rest of its internals could easily be found on a mid-range handset.

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  1. I had just woken up. So sorry for the harsh criticism. But seriously reviewers are all emphasizing imaginary weaknesses. Putting people of purchasing perfectly good devices because of framerate drops an only 60hz screens. When poco f1 came out it was severely software hobbled to manipulate sales towards the Mi8 at the time. Google camera an custom kernels may be developed for this cell to increase its strengths like battery life an its weakness's. Perhaps kernels to achieve 72hz screens which should not reduce the cells lifespan.

    I say reviewers should stop focussing on tiny weakness's.

    I just realised im a bit of a poco/xiaomi fanboy 🤣

  2. Xiaomi/Poco always fit highest processor in a cheapest device.

    after sometime of high CPU demanding app they throttle Within 10 min.
    Hope they fix these issues as it will be more easy on 865 due to individual drivers update and Xiaomi always kinda deliver update to new device.

    If going for mid range this generation device people can buy last year k20 pro as it will go neck to neck to this year device with extra features (mostly I love motorized camera because I literally hate notch as most content are 16:9 not 21:9.so I will choose a dual front facing speaker over those extra display space just like m8 used to have.waiting for that in display camera tech companies can try by placing camera at top left hand corner in landscape mode rather than placing in center of status bar portrait mode.in this method if the camera is slightly visible to user but I won't bother because Normally people won't look there because games normally don't put any thing there,media Normally put title so it already useless place and I think it will be perfect way to hide camera without those motorized camera)

    K20 pro got almost all the features of this device except 865 and extra camera.

    k20 pro is hdr equipped and watching hdr(as mostly people gonna do that these year due to pandemic) Content can't be achieved on mid range device (there might be some devices but there will be more compromises).

    Hope Xiaomi can add dock mode to their device (to flagship killer device.as rog currently want to kill the market.they understood the market earlier like 1st device cost 800-900$ so only enthusiastic people bought but it do created fuzz.so they launched 2nd gen at 520-600$ and many people bought it,because it was affordable.if they launched the 3rd gen at 550-600$ they still be profitable because fasted android device is 1+8 is around 600$ for base variant.at that price people will chose Rog as it will fasted with overclocked chip and extra gamery features.this might there 3rd year as putting an high end device and earning profit in this tight market)

    I love how switch had implemented the dock mode .I mean dock device than play it on TV and unplug when you want to go.

    I still don't get why companies make high refresh rate device (I'm not denying high refresh rate are eye candy but) because there are way to much less high quality games on android.all there is cand crush(they copied someone or they being copied I don't know) clone.all the 1st person shooter (pubg,Fortnite,cod,free fire)even the app are repetitive.

    There aren't solely android games most of the high rated games are port of pc/console game.

    Hope some companies try to port their PS1&PS2 game to android as we can emulate them through emulator and Rockstar has show us porting can be possible.(hope they port vc stories&1-2 to android)

    I will sick to play metal gear series,dmc,god of war1-2 on mobile.

    The only game I liked was godfire.mass effect (kinda new story) Morden combat3-4-5 .I don't but for some reason they removed it from store the godfire.

  3. It just doesn't make much sense to spend this much on a Snapdragon 865 SoC smartphone when you can get some very cheap options from major brands with Snapdragon 855 instead, which ends up having a marginal difference that won't be very noticeable for most people. This is why flagship killer category is so weird right now. Look it up, see how much you have to pay for something like a Samsung Galaxy S10e nowadays, and then look at everything it has regarding specs.
    One thing you never know about phones like these Pocos, or even brands like OnePlus, is if it has stuff like HDMI oit, MHL support, Desktop mode and stuff like that. Samsung has nailed this. The other brand that also did is Huawei, but unfortunately they have all these other problems to deal with because trade war.

  4. I bet all those camera sensors don't beat the single sensor in Pixel devices. Also my Pixel 2XL lasts a day and a half with 9 hours SOT, has a QHD screen.

  5. One suggestion I think you don't have a script for the video let's first make a script man it's looking like you are thinking what to talk about next right when you are making the video(I could be wrong but you are taking time) also the video lacks energy. Please check these in your next video otherwise the video is good keep it up 👍👍

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