Rep. Adam Kinzinger: The President Is “Unfit For Office”

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who was present in the Capitol Building during today’s violent coup attempt, says unequivocally that he believes the president is unfit to hold the office for the remaining days in his term. #Colbert #AdamKinzinger #RepKinzinger

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  1. I'm not much for republicans but it was nice to see one not trying to lie his way out of this situation.

    If one is to vote republican I'd say go for someone like him; i don't know his policies, but at the very least he calls a fart a fart and doesn't praise the aroma

  2. Ok big bad brave soldier boy, jump back into that swamp!..Nothing will change. Get too close to that meal ticket and they'll take you down. Trump's proved that! No loyalty. I think you've found a good home danny!. Damn shame I really respected you at one time. Follow Mitch, he's been doing this for long time! Den of vipers! Liars, cheats and kiss asses. RNC is dead

  3. For all the fighting that's going on between Republicans and Democrats, realistically, the only two parties that truly exist right now are: Trump/dictator worshippers and Americans who believe in the Constitution and our democratic institutions. Remember that, folks. I've been an independent all my life. I have always voted based on the character, morals, and principles of each candidate; and I've never been so sickened by a US president until Trump came along.

  4. For the past 4 years & even beyond, but especially the last 4 yrs. No one, not another country has looked past the Atlantic for a democracy. Everyone else in the world is very happy the coup this time stayed on its own doorsteps for once.

  5. We've been like a third world country with an unhinged, tin pot dictator for the past 4 years. 1/20/21 can't come soon enough!

  6. Add dumb your going to reap what you sew it’s not a threat it’s a fact . You will meet God some day and answer for your deeds .

  7. Trump unfit for office? The entire Republican party is unfit for office. Using the US as an example for democracy? Delusional. We see you for who you truly are. Democracy is just a business for you. Greetings from Europe.

  8. I can only speak for myself, I'm not a usa citizen I'm from Europe, Sweden. No disrespect to the five people that died & everyone injured but what happened at Capitol Hill is exactly how I see the USA. I also think there's some poetic justice
    to the event, the usa have dismantialed governments around the world by invading & supporting coups. The wounds the event at Capitol Hill inflicted to the usa is nothing compare to what the usa have inflicted on the world. Whole regions have been destabilized thanks to the actions of the usa, countless lives lost & homes destroyed. One could hope that from this experience you will change your ways & stop terrorizing the world, but I will not hold my breath.
    I don't see the usa democracy as something to strive for as Kinzinger thinks, it's an example of what you should stay way from. Sweden is not perfect, the EU is not perfect. Speaking about everything that's wrong with Sweden could be squeezed into a day, if a whole day where 8760 hours long (a joke (a joke about explaining that something is a joke)).
    My view of america have not changed during Trump's presidency, in truth it's the first president that fully symbolize your countries actions & policys, it just happens to effect yourself more this time, so you noticed it. Bush, Obama or Trump is doesn't really mater, the usa is still the usa. You are better then for example Russia & China but that's a really low bar to strive for, you should aim higher.

  9. They are happy that Joe Biden is in… north korea starting up their nuclear weapons program now Joe is in … Russia is also taking over lands….etc…. foreign countries are happy Joe is in

  10. Kinzinger is pathetic, throwing his President under the bus. Trump didn't incite violence, it was a bunch of thugs, white supremacists wanting to destroy the fabric of the USA. This violence has been happening all summer and not one democratic condemned it. Trump called for peaceful protest and those thugs used the opportunity to exploit a peaceful protest which is outrageous. The democrats and the main stream media are complicate in continuing to destroy democracy. Now we have the tech like Google, Twitter or Apple silencing free speech. When that happened, we lost our democracy. People died in wars to protect our freedoms. I don't want to live in a socialist or communist society. The Chinese and other dictators are watching how America is so divided. We need to come together or we will loose our constitution and what it stands for.

  11. This guy wants us to believe he conveniently left the chambers to go back to his office right before everything went down because of a "feeling". Yeah sounds as legit as my right toe speaking French. 😑

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