Replace Transmission Fluid & Filter – Toyota Matrix / Pontiac Vibe FWD

In this video I show you how to replace the automatic transmission fluid and filter in your 2004 Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe. Please refer to your shop manual for the proper procedure and specs.


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  1. Hi great video, thanks for the info. Question for you.
    I’ve got a 09’ Matrix with 104000 miles. I want to change the trans oil and filter myself, would it be necessary to have a full flush done or just drain what I can and change filter?

  2. Thanks Eric! Great step by step video. I was able to replace the filter and gasket with no problem. Super easy to do. I had to laugh. Napa had no idea about the spray sealant but they had another gasket sealant that worked great. thanks for making my weekend project a breeze!

  3. I have an 05 Matrix that's working on 290,000 miles. I drain and fill the trans just about every other oil change (which I do every 3000 or less!) and it ALWAYS comes out clean. For some reason, I didn't think these had a serviceable strainer. Guess I'm running to the parts store next time! Awesome video man.

  4. Hey Eric ~ Have you ever had to deal with a Dodge Caliber Jatco transmission (CVT2)? I bought mine new back in 2007 and in the warmer months of the year, it tends to make noise, show the overheating light, and I have to pull over to let it cool off. It uses the CTF+4 fluid (which is special to this trans). Have had to deal with any of these things? I was thinking about adding an additional transmission oil cooler but if you have any insight, I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks ~ I found your channel about a month ago and you have helped a ton…

  5. Great how to. Will adding 0.2qt (about 3-4mm) passed the full line cause problems? Been driving it like this for about 2k miles and it shifts fine. Had the tranny flushed 2x (no filter change). 2006 matrix 4wd with 70k miles. Should I have filter changed on next flush (fluid looks petfect)?

  6. I really enjoyed the video. This pic is my daughter & the vibe is her 1st car. You made it look simple & I love the step by step turorial. i am a female that worked in auto body for 15-20 years. I am now on disability. this video helps me to hold a new mechanic that we have, accountable. Your video gives me knowledge I did not have THANK YOU!

  7. hi I'm in progress of getting a 2004 pontiac vibe bass I test drove first no problems. took a friend to test drive it again the tranny stayed in gear wouldn't shift at 35 mph tranny problems? told dealer he said it happened to him also but then straightened out your thoughts please as I'm getting a loan for it 1 owner thanx please respond asp under time frame ph

  8. Loved your video, helped me alot. Question: I did it exactly like you did but when i went to dump the old oil for recycling there was well more than a gallon that came out. Everything I read said about 3.4 should have come out. I purchased the car used so i guess it could have been overfilled becsuse at 3.4 qt the dipstick shows a good fill. Any opinion? BTW the old 08 Vibe has 279k and running strong.

  9. Great video as always, Eric.  A couple questions on this.  I assume that everything is identical with the AWD version of this car, correct?  Also, I also assume that the car should be up to operating temp so that the fluid has a lower viscosity and flows out easier?

  10. thanks….I have an echo and trans  looks the same…..I change the fluid every 30,000 mile…..alittle overkill but fliud cheap and tran work is not…..I did pull the pan off at 120,000 miles just to check the strainer….it looked good and also gave me a chance to clean up the pan of any heavy sludge……love the car… one I have every owned….thanks again…bob

  11. Great video! Planning on doing this with my recently purchased 05 Vibe. I have a couple of quick questions.

    Is the drain plug washer needed? I heard they're single use crush washers. Should I really replace it every time?

    Also, I bought some "Copper Spray-a-gasket, High temp sealant" by permatex. Is that pretty much the same gasket adhesive you used in this video?

    Thanks for this video and any reply you can give me!

  12. I was talking to my local transmission shop about changing my fluid on my 05 vibe. He said he would do a drain and fill just like you but I wondered how they got all the fluid out of the torque converter? They said they no longer used flushing because it removed varnishes that caused problems. So they drain, fill, drive, drain and fill again and maybe a third time to get all the transmission fluid out. Do you do this to thoroughly do the job? Also, if switching to synthetic fluid from regular fluid is there a problem with residue mixing with synthetic fluid? Plan to do this on my own and save $178

  13. Hi man, do u suggest adding to the atf something like the Lubegard Platinum. I believe the dealers add every time they service the transmission fluid. So, before draining my pan the shifting was getting a bit harsh, but even with the new fluid in did not get much better. This week I added 4oz of the Lubegard, but I felt it needed another once. It feels slightly better, but I am not totally happy yet. What would u do? Done it with the dealer when it was around 100k, and now 180k. I used the toyota T-IV. 2005 matrix awd here. Thx!

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