SEEK XR Thermal Tool Review and Demonstration

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  1. Brian! Hoping you can help me:

    I want to buy the XR version of this, I reckon with the resolution on it you could see a person at a few hundred feet range on it (useful in foggy/blizzardy conditions to see hazards coming down the road because you'd see the thermal return out of the corner of your eye on the thermal camera), and then I want to install it permanently in the front grill of my car, with a phone stuck on the dash I no longer need (would do a custom wiring job to power up the phone and such so no concerns about battery dying). Wondering if you know if you can look and tell me if that black plastic case that you showed it comes with is thermally transparent. Not sure if it's the same style as the ones that come with it now, but modifying that case to take a USB extension cable would be a lot better than me trying to make a custom solution to protect the camera from rocks/water like this guy:

    This guy isn't using the XR version of the camera, so I reckon I'd get better results than him.

  2. You only give links to the regular one? What is the extended one called so I can a least search for it. In the video you don't even even mention the name of the extendd one.

    You "Here's the regular one which is about $200 which is worth buying, and here's the extended one which can …."

  3. My boss approved and i got it last week! Thanks! I used your link to view it and emailed the Amazon page to my work, i hope you got a cut. Sorry if you didn't. Using it for viewing 50+HP electric motor bearings and see all the failing insulation on our HVAC piping on the roof. Thanks again!

  4. The clicking is normal, it's a calibration shutter that goes over the sensor now and then so the readings are corect.
    Darn it, I bought myself a 3 axis stepper motor kit to finish my cnc.

  5. That is possibly one of the best phone idea I've seen.  Read my mind with applications. Have a caliper that sometimes sticks on a truck, i do construction/repairs. I wonder how well it could see leaks through Sheetrock. Had one of those repairs a month ago.

  6. "But wait, there's more! Operators are standing by!"

    Can't we go back to the "old Brian" who shared info about fixing cars and other machinery? Show us this new device while you're actually using it to fix something.

    Start with a long shot of the problem and then show us how this new device can help you fix it. I used to produce infomercials and done right, they do work but you have to lead the viewer into agreeing that there's a problem and then show them how to fix it.

    Sorry… I watch every one of your videos and I know Amazon is important to you but just slow down a little. This video had too many wobbly screenshots, moved too quickly didn't help me understand why I need one.

    Just saying, my friend…

  7. That's really cool.. I have Flir training,, and the camera we use cost $40,000.. and you can dial this thing in so precisely ( ambient, humidity, emissivity. windage  ect) until it will blow your mind.. I'm  curious if there is a setting you can set the Emissivity?  experiment and take a piece of black electrical tape put it on your coffee cup in the morning and shoot the tape vs the side of the cup and see if there is a difference in temp.. the black tape absorbs the energy of the cup (set the emissivity if applicable ) and if the emissivity is set right you'll get a closer real temp of the contents..on the side of the cup.. We cannot put a black piece of tape on all our equipment ( not safe) to get a close accurate temp reading, we have to put in auto and get as close as possible.. best thing is to get a base line and go from there.. good video.. Happy Fathers Day..

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