Adam Thielen Tallies Up 116 Yards & 1 TD vs. Eagles

Check out player highlights from Adam Thielen in Week 5. The Minnesota Vikings take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. How is Thielen not in the top 5 WR consideration? 5 games 100+ yards. Julio AB Hopkins didn’t do that. Thielen did. Every week he keeps showing up and rn he’s proving he’s the best WR in the NFL

  2. I love Adam n Diggs 2 underrated guys that are probably the best duo next to AB n JuJu this year there both going over 1000 yards and 9-13 TD

  3. The most terrifying thing about Thielen is that you have to figure out how to also slow down Diggs on the other side. Best WR tandem in the league!

  4. I had him and Antonio brown in my fantasy lineup. The got me a crap ton of points. I still lost because my running backs were God awful

  5. top 5 receiver,. top 2 route runner behind Julio Jones. His cuts are just smooth as butter and he explodes out of them effortlessly.

  6. He's unguardable man to man, has sharp routes and hands, knows how to find soft spots in zones, simple…. He's a top 5 receiver and very underrated

  7. Mills is such a scrub funny how he made 1 good play then starts jawing like he hasn’t been burnt toast all game

  8. Still dont get how scouts missed Thielan and Brown. Both guys ran 4.4s and understand routes.

    Brown went in the 6th round and Theilan undrafted.

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