Adrian Peterson goes for Eric Dickerson's rushing record – 2012 Week 17 Vikings vs. Packers

NFL Films’ “Sound FX” gives you an exclusive look and listen to the Week 17 matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, as Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reached the 2,000 yard mark.


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  1. Damm !!! Eric Dickerson is not the record holder OJ SIMPSON DID IT IN 14 GAMES, how many yards did Eric have in 14 games that year of his 2000 16 game season. ENOUGH SAID.

  2. A real work horse… He carried the Vikings thru that entire season… As a Vikings fans and a Adrian Peterson fan thank you for the years you gave the Vikings hope… Mr.AD All Day….

  3. The best thing about ap, which also kind of sucked, he wasent really dual threat, he was gonna run in up the middle and you still wernt gonna stop him, could you imagine if he could catch out of the backfield better? Goat.

  4. Was texting with a Packers fan during this game. Was freaking out at the end, expecting Gary Anderson 2.0. My friend texts me: Peterson is going to break one. Blair Walsh's Gary Anderson moment would have to wait.

  5. Hard not to think his best days are long behind him but he had one hell of run.  Would be nice to see him back late this season.

  6. It's not that Adrian Peterson beats kids or gets injured, I refuse to believe that. When he knows the team is gonna have a hopeless down year, he calls the head coach like "Listen bro, let me clock out early right now- get some down time and I promise you next I'm gonna be the rushing king next year" and if you're head coach you already know he'll be playing til he's 40 so its whatever.

  7. Crazy how Ponder said "Its time for you to take over baby" to AP when they need to go down feild with like 3 mins left and they need a field goal or TD

  8. There are parallels between Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders — both made their one and only trip to the NFC title game in their third season — but as shitty as the Lions were throughout Barry's career, Sanders never had a QB as wretched as Christian Ponder. 40-some years of watching the NFL, I don't think I've ever seen a player as good as 2012 Adrian Peterson.

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