Alex Morgan responds to TSN Panel, as US catches heat for World Cup goal celebrations

After Team USA’s Alex Morgan responded to TSN’s Women’s World Cup panel’s criticism of excessive goal celebrations, the panel stood firm with their thoughts, re-affirming that they had no issue about the score, just the over the top celebrations when the game was clearly out of hand.


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  1. Talks and talks about the wrong thing (running up the score), and then says she not talking on the celebrating (after talking some on that.)

  2. its the Superbowl for them let them have fun. like they say if you don't want them to score on you stop them. this is the pros muscle up take your lumps an improve. Thailand wasn't babied and now the can see clearly how much they need to improve.

  3. They have no write especially kaylin Kyle she hasent played in so long tiland should of never been there it just a celebration relax carly Loyd and alex Morgan both went to the other team and had words

  4. USA is not here to make friends but to win a World Championship…if don't like how they play and celebrate, don't play at all. Go do something else. Now can we move on please.

  5. There is nothing wrong with celebration when the game is clearly over and you are trying to set the next standard in sports history. Unsportsmanship conduct doesn't prevent a soccer team from achieving their goal, and FIFA doesn't give out yellow or red card for unsportsmanship conduct. Celebrate like there is no tomorrow and make it big!!

  6. Rapinoe only scored one goal against the Thai Middle School team? And celebrated like it was against Man U. She sucks. I am
    rooting for her to get schooled by Swedes, Germans and especially the Jamaica Reggae Girlz. She already said she would turn
    down a White House visit, as if she already won the Cup. Karma lurking for her. Stupid Coach Ellis left in first stringers after 9 goals risking injury. Glory hogs against an AYSO caliber team. It was an embarrassment.

  7. Criticized??? Its ridiculous… they went hard, and that's what's up… But saying the men wouldn't receive the same treatment and questions… That's utter nonsense! Pure feminist propaganda, what else is it? Becuase its absolutely False

  8. Nobody is saying to not play your best. Sorry but a shit ton of athletes have been in that position and you continue to play hard and just keep the game moving.

  9. Former Canadian players shouldn’t be discussing sportsmanship and fair play when they refused to apologize and even laughed when Tancredi stomped on Carli Lloyd’s head during 2012 Olympic semifinal

  10. Says the country that runs up the score at every World Junior Championship in Ice Hockey….I just love how all the losers on the panel are bronze medalists

  11. Dum stories just to cause problems. The teams were obviously on different levels. Celebrate? Don't Celebrate? Because of such a blowout score? Smh. People get offended to easily. Everyone likes celebrating after scoring no matter what the score is, its a good feeling and at a world level no less makes it greater.

  12. Folks just too sensitive about anything…. THIS IS WORLD CUP PLAY!!!  Many other countries teams didn't even make it to the tournament.  These women worked their butts off to get to where they are.  Then to have a game where everything went their way is a dream come true.  As in any sport, the next time they play it could be just the opposite (God forbid)…  Anyways, I see nothing wrong…gotta celebrate while you can…. be proud of your success.  Continue to show the rest world how awesome you really are!!

  13. It was not like they were taunting the opposing team after scoring. Goals are not easy to score in soccer. Celebrate each and every goal.

  14. They said that running up the score was not an issue like 14 times. That says that running up the score was a part of the problem. What if they scored 20 goals and they never celebrated at all?

  15. So it sounds like it really boils down to the Rapinoe celebration. Number of goals were ok. First goals for those who got them were ok. And the other goal scorers werent nearly as ridiculous. Sounds like splitting hairs if you put it that way. But I kinda agree…

  16. Do you not think the Thai women didn't play hard and want to try and win? For most of them it was their first world cup as well. Show some humility and respect for other teams. If you're celebrating after seventh goal and the other team hasn't score even one…you're a jag-ass queef weasel.

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