Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers | NFL Week 9 Game Previews

Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals face their NFC West rival, the 49ers in Week 9 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. Seriously speaking the 49ers are on a losing streak. Judging by how they are playing they are likely to lose today. To secure a win on Sunday they need to give Jimmy G a try especially if things are not going their way.

  2. Peterson will carry the cardinals. The 49ers are really bad at stopping the run, and AD isn’t done. This game maight put him into the top 10 rushing yards of all time

  3. We all know that if there on the roster there good enough to play!(right) but I think the real question is if there on the staff are they good enough to produce! We need the staff to start running a offense sutiable and designed for the players , and get points on the board. Now's it's time to not go play but to go put in work!!! Lets go 49ers !!!

  4. Nah,trying to land in that top three spot in the NFL Draft, Darnold,Rosen or Rudolph for sure,but the browns need to win and we need to keep loosing and That's what we're doing.

  5. 9ers finna take the W but I really wanna go 0-16 to draft Barkley but Foster is back and so is Blair so yeah 9ers win 28-20 Larry Fitz has 98 yards 1 td Adrian Peterson 47 yards 1 td Stanton 1td 2int

  6. Cardinals- 20
    49ers- 14
    It will be a close game, Cardinals need to blitz a lot so that they can beat up the quarterback and on offense the cardinals need to just be defensive like running a lot, and short passes to move the chains Who am I cheering for? Probably the 49ers but after all this,
    Go Jags!

  7. I thought the 49ers would win this, until they lost both of their Tackles and their best graded Guard. No Garcon and a few other injuries will make it pretty tough for the 49ers to take this W

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