Breaking Down Dwayne Haskins' Third Preseason Game | Baldy Breakdowns

NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, analyzes Washington Redskins rookie quarterback, Dwayne Haskins’ third preseason game vs. the Atlanta Falcons.

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  1. These throws are actually prettier than the few I saw in college highlights. More incompletions, of course, but the reason for that is debatable

  2. Dwayne is coming along nicely. Just a few more weeks and he can take over from Keenum. The only way this isn't happening is if they go like 3-1 or 4–0 with Case to start the season. But that isn't very likely. Worse than that and I think Dwayne probably starts in week 5.

  3. I hope Haskins plays many snaps against the Ravens, week 4 of preseason. Week 3 is the dress rehearsal and week 4 is for roster cuts, so we won't see much if any of the starters. Hopefully he'll play about another half this preseason, because the extra reps will only benefit his game.

  4. If I was able to build a team…super bowl contender in 5 years or less..offensive linemen..Wisconsin…Defense..Alabama..Qb small school only..same with a RB…and number one thing I would never do!!..Draft a Black Qb..can’t play that position!…just like never draft white RB….

  5. 2:32 This is what I hate about the NFL . That calls are subjective – and they shouldn't be that way in professional sports. If this is a penalty then it's a penalty regardless of the status of the QB. To me this is a clean hit and timed perfectly the QB was still in position of the ball and the defender was already committed to the hit. This is not roughing the passer for any NFL QB. This is football a full contact sport being played correctly.

  6. These are becoming my favorites…no bias just logic and knowing the game! Excellent piece! Haskins will be okay man and have a great career.

  7. Peyton Manning threw 2 interceptions his first ever preseason game, just a couple rookie mistakes Haskins will make, don’t mean that he won’t eventually dominate the NCl

  8. His timing looked extremely good in that game. To me, that is a great sign. The Skins RARELY have shown good qb/receiver timing in the last decade or more.

  9. Let Haskins play with the first team for 1 quarter and 1 quarter with the 2nd team same thing with keenum just to see how Haskins does

  10. Say what you want bottom line is give this kid the same chance that the white QB's get. Thats all hand him the keys and put weapons around him. If not you didn't want DH to suceed botton line

  11. Bad owner makes u look stupid redskins fans will tell u this they r in hostage by owner who is not going any where to sale the team the most disliked owner by his own fans no matter what this young men do he is gonna fail players knows that I feel bad every draft skins pick they wish they never be drafted by the skins

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