Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants Week 2 NFL Game Preview

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants Week 2. NFL Game Preview

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  1. Lil’ bro Manning got to go, he brings no value to Big Blue any longer. Take the two rings and call it a day, Eli. Stop trying to get to nowhere.

  2. It will be a interesting game. Bills are powerfull on defence and offense but don't sleep on saquon tho. The giants need to work on their passing game but will be exciting to watch. LETS GO GIANTS

  3. The Bills barely beat a crummy New Jersey Jets team who kicked field goals like Charlie Brown, and the New Jersey Jet defensive backs had hands like hoofs or else New Jersey wins that game….the New Jersey Giants will win because of Barkley and the NFL will see to it the refs give the New Jersey Giants a call or two…..

  4. Giants 7-0 Bills
    Giants 10-0 Bills
    Giants 10-7 Bills
    Giants 13-7 Bills
    Giants 13-10 Bills
    Giants 13-13 Bills
    Giants 20-13 Bills
    Giants 20-20 Bills
    Giants 20-23 Bills

    Bills 23
    Giants 20

  5. Bills have been rebuilding in the last few years, especially with that defense… Definitely a threat to the other team from the opposite side of the state…Buffalo might take it…

  6. People who don't know much about the Bills except they haven't been good for a long time are gonna be shocked when they're playing in the AFC championship game this year!

  7. Bills need to stack the box 📦 pressure Eli make him throw the ball uncomfortable. Eli will take chances and will throw interceptions. Bills need to put on a win streak and gain respect ✊🏾 we have been the laughingstock of the league you want respect ✊🏾 start winning let’s go Bills.

  8. Still don’t understand why the Giants took Barkley over Allen last year. Always take the QB if you need one soon. Now they get to watch what could’ve been.

  9. Bills 52
    Giants 6
    Eli Manning sacked 7 times 2 int
    Saquon Barkley 97 yds 1 td
    Josh Allen 413 yds 4 tds
    Devin Singletary 2 td
    Levi Wallace 46 yard int td
    Just let me dream OK?

  10. Bills-27

    Eli- 1 TD 257 Yards
    Barkley- 2 TDs 159 YDs, 50 REC Yards, 6 REC
    Evan Engram 1 TD 11 REC 87 YD

    Josh Allen 3 TDs 376 YDS
    Devin SIngletary- 69 Yards Rushing, 32 REC yards, 1 TD, 5 REC

  11. Well my Bills limited Le'Veon Bell. We can do the same with saquon Barkley. It's going to come down to Eli for the Giants. With that being said this should be a lopsided game. Bills 30-13

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