Carson Wentz Highlights vs. Bills | NFL 2019

Carson Wentz threw for 172 yards and 1 touchdown on the day. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Buffalo Bills during Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. The Eagles are a much more dangerous team when Carson Wentz is allowed to scramble. I get the logic behind trying to make him a pure pocket passer, but his ability to get first downs with his legs opens up so much for this offense that handicapping yourself like that just isn't viable. It automatically removes 1 player from pass coverage if the defense has to put a spy on him to keep him from getting easy first downs. Which obviously translates to more wide open receivers. It puts defenses in a no-win situation where countering one threat leaves another threat unattended.

  2. Good game by Carson. That’s my QB. I just think they need get him some speed on that offense. Carson just need guys that can open the field up. Howie should be getting a WR before the deadline.

  3. The fact that he seemed very accurate on the shots he took down field considering the wether conditions was very impressive. This looked a lot like the 2017 Wentz

  4. Best quarterback in the league. Helping to carry this team every week. Wentz always shows up. Too bad he's had so many dropped passes. Otherwise, MVP Wentz is back.

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