Celtics are Kyrie Irving and teammates with uncertain roles – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman of First Take contends that the Boston Celtics have a deeper issue with leadership than they let on, saying that right now the Celtics consist of “Kyrie Irving and a bunch of guys who are trying to figure it out”, while other teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors have a consistent starting five and those players know their roles.

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  1. Morris is complaining and talking about being selfless but he himself rarely passes, Kyrie is averages 10 assist per game. Brown, Tatum and Rozier are rookies and now sophomores who folded last year when they were needed the most.

  2. Just a bad mix of guys starting with Kyrie. He's not a good leader because of how different his personality is from most. He's weird. Jaylen is oblivious to his shortcomings, he just wants to score, Hayward is in the way but they paid him so have to play him, Tatum has a bright future and plays the right way, but he has no pull so he can't lead, Rozier is solid and gave up the most of all of them. He completely gave the team back to Kyrie, which is admirable. Morris needs to stfu. Dude, you're a role player who overachieves at times. Saying shit like that to the public makes things worse. Just stfu and try to be a better leader. He, smart, Hayward need to all stfu and play unselfishly.

  3. Yes they better with Kyrie but their chemistry better without him .. they dont know their roles and what to do

  4. Brad Stevens is the problem. He is playing favorites with his boy Hayward. How many times is Stevens going to sit on his ass and watch Celtics shoot themselves out of games? Celtics are dead last in FT attempts, the coaching philosophy is flawed, too many 3 point shots by non shooters!!

  5. This is a ME team, everyone just thinks about their shot…they do not play as a team, and that is why they will not go anywhere. Kyrie keeps forgetting that their are 4 other guys playing with him. He holds the ball to long and that prevents easy shots for other players…

  6. Never forget that people were questioning Brad Stevens when he bombed in his first playoff experience… he is a great coach when he has to coach role/journeyman players or even good players who follow….but he cant coach stars…

  7. Celtics will get their act together as soon as the playoffs start. They'll go 12-3 in the Eastern Conference. And lose in 7 to the Warriors. KD will dick slap Dray and sign with the Knicks 3secs after July 1st…..

  8. Welcome to the new NBA: Every superstar is going to which teams at least 4-5x in their careers, no hometown loyalty, we're going to spend as much time talking about trade negotiations more than games.

  9. fianlly the celtics are getting exposed, i called it last year they are not as talented as people think lmao, yall are delusional, raptors and sixers have more talent by far and i argue milwaukee does too, kyrie has to go on offensive explosions in the 4th for them to beat raps philly or bucks, #wethenorth

  10. This young guys gotten their head so big just because they reached ecf last year without a star player. They think they can still do that now to the east lol

  11. Its simple, the coach its sadly at fault. Not to say he's a BAD coach but take a look at Pop, Erick Spolstra, Steve Kerr, Phil Jackson, they all had to or are dealing with huge stars and egos but u as the coach need to be able to control and lead, not just lead

  12. Free agency will be the death of the nba. No loyalty on both players and teams. Miss the 80's and 90's when players played for their teams for years

  13. Just imagine if curry and Kyrie swapped teams with same coach and players,who would u think will win the finals or who would be a better team…

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