Chargers vs. 49ers highlights – 2015 NFL Preseason Week 4

Jarryd Hayne continues to impress in the NFL as the San Francisco 49ers defeat the San Diego Chargers 14-12 in Week 4 of the 2015 NFL Preseason.


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  1. Because there is no legal blocking in The NRL/Rugby League, Hayne moves differently than most NFL players to get passed the opposition.where as the best NFL players who make good yards are super fast and read blocks brilliantly from what I can see at least. The great NFL players will probably study his movements or their coach will tell them to. It will be interesting as the movement is second nature after years of practice and most NRL players struggle to stop him even after growing up with it.

  2. Imagine how awesome the game would b if they incorporated more lateral passes into the game. Imagine how unstoppable tht would b to not only hv blockers but support alwaes their to offload a lateral pass too? Tht would b something to see not nli a quarterback pass to the rb or huever bt hv someone you could also pass to before they tackled you? Should hv a few plays especially for hayne mayb a few offloads aswell. No other team in the nfl would b expecting t

  3. The 38 special is locked and loaded for the season ahead!

    I liked that Deandre White as well. I hope he's still in. Him and Jarryd could rip it up this year.

  4. I'm a chargers fan but I gotta say, I'm impressed with hayne, also I'm a South Carolina fan so I like seeing Dylan Thompson and Bruce Ellington doing good

  5. is it just me or does #13 look better than kaepernick ? He had that pick 6, but those other passes where nice. The passing game finally looked near top shelf.

  6. when im trying to read the comments and my cat comes in rubbing it's arse in my face and walks over my phone, im sorry who ever I reported

  7. I'm a 49ers fan and I can tell hayne a is good but I do understand that there's a difference between mostly second preseason defense and real season first string defense I hope he does this in the real season but I'm not going to expect anything great like everyone else. its still his first season.

  8. Remember Hayne is used to running through long and cohesive defensive lines at a world class level in his time with Rugby League. American football defence comes more in waves so he's going to have more space than he's ever had.

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