Chargers vs. Bears Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Chicago Bears during Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. The bears are trash this year. The couch sucks. Naggy needs to get fired. We gave away Howard and traded our picks for a shitty quarterback. Matt naggy needs to go. Bears are trash we need to rebuild I'm sorry

  2. The end of the half was disgusting, more so now that I watch again, NOT ONE BUT TWO PERSONAL FOULS TO KEEP 1st and GOAL ALIVE and the 1st play you call is a shotgun empty backfield, no threat of a run whatsoever so the Defensive Ends can free bum rush and spy Mitch WTF is your philosophy Nagy? Oh by the way you had two other separate 1st and goal opportunities that you ALSO ran SHotgun runs on your first play, it does not work. You HAVE TO STOP IT Your lucky you got this propaganda wheel on ur back that aims to drive Mitch out of town. You are not getting nearly enough heat. You single handedly lost the game last week. You have to improve or I'm advertising your negligent play calling all over the media. I mean it is ridiculous

  3. Bears starting to look like the cowboys with a great defense and weapons on offense but can’t make anything happen.

  4. The only chance the Chargers has is if the Bears decide to stop playing and settle for a longer field goal.

    The Bears lost like cowards.

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