Chris Ivory Highlights (Week 6) | Redskins vs. Jets | NFL

New York Jets running back Chris Ivory ran for 146 yards and one touchdown to help lead the Jets to a 30-24 victory over the Washington Redskins.

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  1. I take issue with this negative vernacular being used to describe Ivory, Lynch,etc. Words like beast, violent runner are insulting and now the sportcasters and print news are using the phrases in football, baseball, etc. Except they only use the terms when describing black players. These guys put in a lot of work in the gym to make their team competitive and the organization profitable. People need to check themselves and expand their freakin vocabulary!!!

  2. He's a top 5 rb this season based on performance. He would've been on top 3 if he didn't miss that one game against the eagles. Breakout season for sure.

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