Chris Simms’ Top 40 QBs: Dak Prescott takes No.13 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

Chris Simms gives Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott the No. 13 spot for his athleticism and his ability to maximize every play beyond quantified stats. #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #NFL #DallasCowboys #DakPrescott
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Chris Simms’ Top 40 QBs: Dak Prescott takes No.13 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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  1. I think Dak has little things to fix like his footing and his tendency to throw too high. If he can get those things down and this offense gets a deeper playbook, Cowboys will be so fun to watch, you just wait

  2. If Goff gets a deal before Dak this is how that plays out. Goff gets 36 million annually imo exactly that mark. So then Prescott’s agents say hey we’ve easily been better than Wentz. However we haven’t been to the Super Bowl so maybe we’re somewhere in the middle. You give Dak 34.5-35.5 and nothing more or less. Before Wentz got signed we coulda got him for 29.

  3. Dak can't throw deep accurately, he can do everything else though. Let's see them depend on his arm to win. They can run and have a Good OL.

  4. The way Simms talks about Dak's college play makes me think maybe the Giants think they have the Dak of this draft….even though he was picked at 6

  5. If I were a Cowboy hater, I would be cheering on Dak getting top dollar. He's one of the worst redzone, third down, and road QBs, who led the league in fumbles in 2018, generally sucks without Zeke, gets himself sacked one unnecessary time per game, and lost to Derek Carr- miserably- in a throwing competition. I have the stats if anyone thinks this is a narrative. He's a flaccid captain checkdown when it counts. Pay him big money, and dont be surprised when the actually-great players carrying the team get squeezed out.

  6. Chris one of the few who watches the games and situations.Dak is put in..Kellen Moore will definitely enhance the Offense..I expect nothing Less than a Nfc championship game and Win too..Can smell it

  7. I think it's funny how hyper-focused everyone is on Dak's money. I mean, by the time you're talking 30 million a year what's 2-4 million more? Especially to a team with a healthy salary cap situation. I'm sure if you played with the guaranteed money (like the Vikings did) then 30 million a year would be on the table.

    And if you were gonna basically max out the guaranteed money…who better than Dak? A QB that barely misses snaps because he is built like a LB playing QB. The only thing is you'd be tied to him for all the contract. So you have to be 100% certain that Dak is your best bet for a Superbowl over the next 4-5 years. Also have to consider, how would you go about finding a better replacement.

    I might be willing to risk it. Especially if Dak has already truly improved as a passer. Hitting many more deep balls, more accurate, more anticipation, etc. I mean, if he really is gonna become the Bigger & Better Russel Wilson then why wouldn't you sign him to 5m a year cheaper? So what you guaranteed a lot more money & were stuck with him for 4-5 more years. You're stuck with a Bigger & Better Russ and is that really a bad thing?

  8. the problem is Dak isn't better than Wentz and there is no way his Avg per year should be more than Wentz $25 avg per year for 6 years.

  9. I'm a Mississippi state fan. Anyone who follows the Bulldogs knew who Dak was when he entered the league. He is the best quarterback in Ms State history. He's broken every record except for a few single game records, like a 100% completion in a game. He was the offense.

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