Colin discusses Adam Silver’s pro-player missteps & how KD’s decision reflects them | NBA | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd opens up the show today to discuss Adam Silver, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Hear how Colin thinks Silver’s pro-player attitude has caused some problems in the league and why KD’s choice to join the Brooklyn Nets reflects those problems.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Colin discusses Adam Silver’s pro-player missteps & how KD’s decision reflects them | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


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  1. Excellent analysis. The best so far. Steve, Dray, Steph and Klay's personalities are perfect for a team's culture. And D'Angelo and Willie, just listening to them, are not far off from great personalities. That is what I will base a judgment on. Those who ignore these GSW players do so at your own risk. Culture and common goal will win out when the season gets tougher. Remember, it was the heart and common culture that got them to the finals of a very tough western conference in the first place. Most teams would have folded with what they had to go through all last season.

  2. I honestly believe New Orleans getting Zion was rigged by Adam Silver cuz if Zion never went there, I don’t think New Orleans trades AD. I’m all for player movement too, but breaking contracts is getting ridiculous.

  3. i don't think legalizing gambling is the same level of allowing more player movement via pro-player regulations.
    Gambling is actually something that is problematic. I don't know many people that are leading great lives because of their addictions to gambling. (i.e. Lottery and scratchers)

  4. Colin, tell owners to stop "trading" players, then players will stop asking/demanding trades. What's with the double standard ? Do owners not break contracts ?

  5. Oh wow, Colin is adding to the analogies portfolio. So on the regular we've got divorce, marriage… and now PARENTING analogies, coming to a YouTube video near you! Only for a limited time!

  6. Players today, ESPECIALLY in the NBA, don't know what integrity is. That's today's culture. I'm of the same age, but I was raised better.

    Duke Johnson, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie, etc. The players are poisoned. If they didn't have the leverage they had, they'd be out of luck. They don't live in reality.

  7. I think tampering rules should be rid of. Also players shouldn’t be able to force or demand a trade until their last year of their deals that way teams are less interested in trading because they’ll be rentals. They do have a chance to move it’s called free agency, so I don’t get why they also get to demand trades two years into a 5 year deal

  8. I just herd Colin say on the podcast that the USMNT flops and the USWNT doesn’t and we want the men to be like that… NO!!! What a stupid idea, the women don’t flop because they don’t know how to draw a foul!!! Women’s soccer is slow with no tactics, put the USMNT up against the USWNT and see Who is better. The USWNT play inferior opponent, the USMNT play equal to superior opponents, all of whom are far superior than any women’s soccer team. Truth.

  9. Enforced 1+1/2+1 contracts are the answer IMO Contracts have become meaningless if you can sign a 4 year and leave right after lol.

  10. I think 💭 that is how u look at from your age group or prospective, i root for a team and for players. I think players don’t have too much power because a team can trade you at any time, but you can’t ask for a trade, please take a look at demar, it,Blake etc they were traded away after been so loyal , they were repaid badly ( so if a team can do it why can’t players) expect u are a double standard person

  11. People don't pay to see the owners. The idea of players having "too much power" is the kind of thing you believe when you don't understand where the value in a product is generated.

  12. The further Durant gets into his career the less I respect him. He's too sensitive, he's too emotional, he cares too much about what people think, he's too indecisive, he's just all over the place. Why you would leave a team that's won 3 titles in the last 5 years to go play with one guy that couldn't even play with Lebron is beyond me.

  13. Let's just ignore the Nets traded for KD's friend, Taurean Prince, and their foot/ankle specialist is KD's surgeon, and their player development coach was KD's shooting coach, and that Caris LeVert practices with KD over the summer, and that the Nets were given access to KD's medical weeks prior to the IG post…….yeah, let's ignore all that, Colin.

  14. I dnt believe that the nets management didn't tlk to him cause reports came out that the nets were nervous about signing kyrie if kd didn't commit so I thnk they lying

  15. I've got no issue with players wanting to be traded because teams have no issue trading a player that doesn't want to leave, i.e Demar DeRozan, when it's in the best interests of the team, and thier pockets.

  16. Didn’t teams start to cut players and discontinue the promises to the players first? Oh, that started with players were not productive ar first? So, at the of the day, it is all business! Not a family!

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