Colin on KD: Playing hurt is just ‘part of the business,’ talks AD-Lakers rumors | NBA | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd discusses the NBA and trade rumors. Hear why Colin thinks outrage over Kevin Durant playing hurt is ridiculous and why he believes the Los Angeles Lakers need to make a deal for Anthony Davis now.

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Colin on KD: Playing hurt is just ‘part of the business,’ talks AD-Lakers rumors | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


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  1. Funny how people put the flu game in the same category as achilles injury, broken face, broken limbs, …

  2. Ya let’s compare Kevin Durant being able to come back the first game of the NBA season at 100% practice the whole off season, summer league to now RUPTURING his Achilles, not tearing. It’s no longer even connected, now he won’t see a single game next year at all, and should be praying he is ready for the year after that. Kid just wants to ball, he won’t be able to for 18 months if he’s lucky.

  3. Reduce the regular season to 68 games and injury numbers will go down. But of course that will never happen because that would also mean less $$$ for everybody involved.

  4. Couldn’t have disagreed with you more. Those other guys you mentioned are not even close to where Kd is in his career. What happens to him affects the whole league for the next 5 years. The risk of him playing before the injury was far too great. I would bet that he comes back to this stage with or without the fking warriors. Your comparison is too generic and simple. I can’t wait until more news to come out and shed more information about the situation. The warriors grew too arrogant and could not stand to lose, to a point where they made regretful and horrible decisions. This is a disgrace and disappointing. This is going to hurt them for years to come. This adds to a list of stories where the greats and all times whatever have fallen.

  5. True Champions play no matter what. I'm glad Durant played and still showed his dominance. You have to come back for your team if you can. You get paid to win a championship. You practice to win a championship. Your entire season is on the line. That being said most people can't walk on a torn achilles. I saw him with a boot on and crutches. Usually guys are being pushed in wheel chairs. Hoping for the best for KD. He definitely showed me some toughness.

  6. Kawhi didn't take that risk. Look at him now. Some risk are worth taking but you gotta know when to fold. Had it been an illness or upper body injury ok I can see that. But certain lower body injuries are a no go especially considering the way KD likes to play. Calf strains take 6 weeks to heal and at least 2 more weeks to strengthen. They threw him out there after 4 weeks and let him START with no minutes reaction, let him play 12 of the first 14 min and let him jump the ball. Really? This is beyond my comprehension considering who we're talking about.

  7. The difference between an investor and a gambler is that an investor doesn't make bets. We make decisions; educated, measured, and logical decisions. The second difference is that an investor always, I mean always manages the risk. This doesn't mean you never take risks, it means you calculate the downside and measure it against the upside. What's the best that could come out of KD playing hurt? They win and go back to the Oracle for Game 6. What's the worst? He tears his Achilles. And don't tell me that nonsense about calf and Achilles weren't related or that nobody knew this could happen. Everyone with a brain knew this could happen, that's why when he went down everyone knew right away what the injury was. A smart investor would not make the decision to have him play without a single NBA practice. That's a very easy decision to make for an investor, but for a gambler it's much more complicated… Nobody's talking about the fact that sports gambling is now legal and how much that affects everything and everybody in this business. This type of corruption is just the beginning…

  8. There's a difference in injuries dude… the initial injury caused his Achilles tendon… if you have a standard injury.. dam right they should play.. that's why they're over paid.. period..

  9. how many times have you seen aaron Rodgers, or mj go out there and play with a torn or partially torn achilles tendon? next time I see a player tear their acl, the owners and coaches should make them continue playing

  10. Listening to your body the doctors ain't gonna be responsible for you if you get reinjured. If the warriors was up 3-1 he wouldn't came back. Do what khawi did

  11. Colin, STOP! This is different, even for KD, b/c his mom is on tv. Those other athlete's moms were not on tv.
    If it was SOLELY a GO FOR IT MOMENT, her original tweet would have stood.

  12. It was an achilles injury from the beginning. That’s the problem I have with them. Anyone who knows anything about sports injuries could see that

  13. AD will only resign to the Lakers or Knicks. Lakers should trade Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and the 4th overall pick for Bradley Beal; then they should trade Bradley Beal, Brandon Ingram and two first round picks for AD.

  14. There’s a difference between playing hurt and playing injured. If KD’s Achilles was injured he should not have played. Period. If his calf was just strained and he opted to play through pain and hurt then this is just a tragic accident

  15. Colin….. poker players who put ALL the chips in are not professionals. They're the action junkies who watch those movies. Professionals have strategic bankroll management, like how an athlete has to watch their health during contract years. Your point is so stupid

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