Cowboys vs. Rams Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Los Angeles Rams during Divisional Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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  1. As a Cowboys fan, it's disgusting to watch what a post-season bum Jason Garrett and his staff is. This is where the best coaches adjust and adapt while Garrett claps and runs the same stupid offense that works against the weak ass NFC East.

  2. Anderson can run the football.What is he doing being cut by three teams this year.He looks like a starter or a really good backup running back.

  3. Dak Prescott and that defense lost the game Saturday.
    Dak didn't use his legs or his head, that's why they're sitting at home this week watching the Playoffs.
    Play calling was elementary, Pop Warner, Junior high and high school.
    I didn't place college in there because some college coaches has a better play calling plan than the Cowboys.
    Cowboys play calling are way too Predictable.

  4. That illegal hands to the face @ 4:30 on 3rd & 14 was very controversial and entirely questionable considering it had no affiliation to the outcome or result of the play whatsoever. Anyone who watches football truly knows that shouldn’t have been thrown especially at such a critical moment. Let them play!

  5. Quick rant from a Life long Dallas Cowboys fan. The cowboys are a puppet organization. You need to ask yourself this; why is Jason Garrett a head coach in the NFL??? Because sure he can run a practice, but when it comes down to play calling and having control of a football team and their resources, Jason Garrett is not what you're looking for in an actual head coach. The Jones' make all the calls for this team. What elite coach would want to actually come and work for the cowboys? Nobody because all the Cowboys organization wants is for someone to stand there and look pretty wile the Jones' try to win football their way. I'm not saying we try to get the next Sean Mcvay or anything that a lot of teams are thinking, but get a coaching staff that understands football inside and out. We went 12-4 and made a playoff run with Romo calling most of the plays from the field. We went 13-3 with Romo on the sideline coaching and guiding a young Dak Prescott. Tony Romo has an extremely high football IQ, and you can hear it when he talks about the game. We need someone like that. Not Jason Garrett.

  6. For yeas now, I've seen hurry up offensive schemes shred a Marinelli defense. He seems to have no answer for it. Eagles used to do it a few yeas back. The Cowboys were just plain out couched.

  7. The defense held the Rams to 2 field goals the first couple possessions and Dallas trash ass offensive play calling got a lucky 7 from missed Ram tackles and great speed by Cooper. Defense plays most of the game and they looked winded, Vander was on antibiotics all week. It’s hard to carry a team the entire season and Seattle took what was left from the defense. The offense came out there with that bland ass playcalling that Jesus and Moses used to play in the backyard. The defense was ready for passing and the offense wasn’t ready at all, out coached and outplayed.

  8. First playoff game between the Rams and Cowboys in 33 years, when Dickerson went off for 248 and two long TDs – and the first time Dallas played the Rams at the Coliseum in the playoffs in 40 years, 1/7/79.

  9. This BS!!!!!! This is like usual the defense does the best it can an the GD offense doesn't keep up, that all there is to it. A F**king blind rat can see that. This GD half ass offense can not put enough real pressure on the oppositions defense and keep the offense off the field. NO DEFENSE can stand up to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as who needs to go…..the Clapper and his gang of worthless imbeciles. I will now be a Patriots fan F**K the DCs!!!!!!!

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