Dak Prescott reportedly turns down $30M Cowboys contract offer | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain debate if Dak Prescott should accept the reported contract from the Dallas Cowboys at 30 million dollars a year.
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  1. I’m a huge CB fan Dink&DunkDak doesn’t deserve even that the kid from Kansa City is way better just like on Sat he still couldn’t get it in the end zone we r one of the worst red zone tms he did this last yr 2 he will hv 3rd&8 or 3rd&6 & throws it short of the marker every time he will do it again this yr mark my words I’m just being a realist the Redskins hv a better Qb trio than we do we bring back the same old players who can’t play Jerry doesn’t look 4 quality players 2 make a roster slot 4 players actually competing 4 their positions he surely is no Romo & won’t even peek that & why is J Heath still on the tm???

  2. It's not enough period stop playing with that man u getting hit risking ya life basically 30 mill not enough for a starting quarter back for one of the most popular teams ever

  3. Dak Prescott your an average quarterback in the NFL…and you just proved you have mental illness turning that money down…your lucky to get 15 to 20 million you mediocre ass cowgirl

  4. Dak Prescott is game manager he isn't important to offense like Zeke elliot is Carson wentz is franchise qb he elite has thrown more touchdowns pases then dak Prescott they want bring the stats without zeke dak Prescott is straight garbage he isn't worth anything zeke dererves that money dak Prescott is game manager not franchise qb

  5. When Quarterbacks get paid, their teams don't win. The evidence is irrefutable. Why is this? Because Quarterbacks are so grossly overpaid, the cap simply cannot handle it. 3-5 good players are let go every year because of a Quarterback getting his. This needs to stop. I'll be damned if Dak Prescott is going to ruin the Cowboys season because of his nonsense.

  6. Dude this qb shit is getting kinda out of hand. Teams are breaking the bank on bums, now every qb wants that large money. Most of the dudes getting all of this money aren't even worth it. With the added bonus that most of the qbs getting all this bread are forgetting that they can't carry a team by themselves. If Drew fucking Brees couldn't carry a team throwing for 5000 yards every other season why can your bum ass?

  7. If they pay this guy over 30 million, they will lose defensive players. That kind of contract will be pointed to as the reason the Cowboys missed another Superbowl window.

  8. I have no idea how a Cowboy fan is telling people that Dak deserves the money based on Wentz's deal. Dak can't get that money because he has 2 other offensive players that have to get paid as well, with at least 4 defensive players coming within the next two years. IF THE COWBOYS PAY DAK 32+, WE LOSE 2 OF 3 OF JAYLEN SMITH, VANDERESCH, AND BYRON JONES.

  9. Dak is greedy turned down 30m a year and requested 40 knowing they still have to pay Amari and some of those boys on defense . Bro literally has endorsement and commercials that bring in money . But he's a "Player first" qb? Talking about let Zeke get his money hoe if you trying to milk it all

  10. This bs has to stop. This type of $ only makes sense in a make believe world. Anything is right, nothing is wrong, just because it's possible

  11. It was Romo who “didn’t deserve it” when he played, now when he retires people non stop praise him…when Dak wants the money, “he doesn’t deserve it”…Wouldn’t matter if Jesus Christ himself were playing QB for the Cowboys…people always just wanna shit on the QB for the Cowboys…give it a rest smh

  12. Guys want guaranteed money because I can be good one yr out the league because of a career ending injury and what I got to show for it?…them nfl contracts is slave contracts unless u a star or a QB..and even then one bad yr and that's it..the league ain't player friendly so why should the players be league friendly

  13. I doubt Dak was offered that and turned it down. Probably some lie fabricated by a team to make Elliot feel less or want to leave Dallas. Dak isnt a top tier QB either, but maybe hes improved and betting on himself if it is true. Hes not worth taht money yet.

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