Deshaun Watson Highlights vs. Jags | NFL 2019

Deshaun Watson gets the win in London with 238 total yards and 2 touchdowns. The Houston Texans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. This is the worse play by play in the history on NFL Football not a word about formation motion… nothing the guy literally just describes what he sees after he sees it & I don't mean football I mean what a 3 yr old sees… watson rolls to right points slides… are you kidding me how much does that guy get paid for this nonsense… I seriously had to mute the volume it was so annoying… a chick could do as well… a good example of what I am talking about contrast say Dave Logan who probably makes what this guy gets in pocket change each week who calls plays for the BRONCOS… [at 1:38 of this video he will literally NOT inform you that its an empty set until after the play is over at first it literally is DEAD AIR!… ask yourself how this happens = same reason we are all debt slaves constantly at war & the TRUTH about REICHSTAG911 can never be mentioned with censorship & abuse… as Voltaire said if you want to know who your oppressor is who is it you cannot criticize & who are the incompetent & immoral who are in charge pulling the strings] this guy is totally incompetent making millions while you can't send your kids to college without debt for life… watson runs out of the pocket….what a joke]

  2. Who ya got finale score? And better game don’t come with the hate cause we already know lamar vs Watson AFC championship period 💯💯💯 I say ravens 30 Houston 25 Watson will have a chance to win late but earl reminds us why he’s one of the top safety in the league can go either way

  3. Deshaun Watson is the best dual threat quarterback in the NFL compared to Michael Vick and Cam Newton!!! I 🖤 #4!!! Go Deshaun Watson Go!!! I love Deshaun Watson, he's the man and Deshaun Watson is for real!!! I'm glad he got the victory because Deshaun Watson now has control of the Houston Texans football team and he might take the Houston Texans to the playoffs. Deshaun Watson is the man!!! Go Waston Go!!! I 🖤 #4!!! Waston= Vick and Newton!!! I hope that Deshaun Watson will do what he does to win a playoff game because I know that he can do it.

  4. My mans Watson did an entire jump man and EMBARRASED some guy on the Jaguars and they dont show it… I think that the NFL just doesnt like the texans ):

  5. all of my friends called me stupid when I said, in a few years he can be a top 5 qb in the league .

  6. This guy's never lost a game by 9 or more points ever in his career in the regular season at all when he has started a game. He deserves some kind of reward smh #mvp

  7. Deshaun Watson is the best QB in the league right now. Better than Aaron, and just as good as Mahomes. He's faster than both, has an outstanding arm, is excellent in the clutch, but doesn't get all the hype. He's fantastic and he's been mega clutch since college. This guy is going to win a lot of games in his career. Especially as they improve the line around him.

  8. ima huge jags fan but I will give it to Watson, he destroyed us, he is such a talented guy and I wish him the best but I won’t let this win put me down, we got nick foles coming back week 11 and we will destroy the rest of our season with wins

  9. The Jags need Gardner Minshew more than Minshew needs the Jags. He WILL remain QB1. Trade Nick Foles in the off-season.

  10. So they just not gonna show the hurdle? Ok smh but if it was Mahomes it would have made national news 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Watson and Stills are two great receivers that's for sure, and this is coming from a Ravens fan..
    EDIT: I meant HOPKINS LOL can't believe I wrote that considering I was watching the freaking high lights as I wrote that..SMH LOL

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