Dominic Breazeale wants revenge (Archived)

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Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale is more than just a heavyweight title fight … it’s personal, and on May 18th, Breazeale looks to shock the world with a big knockout of the current WBC Heavyweight Champion, live on Showtime.





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  1. Hopefully Breazeal wins so that wilder can ponder upon that $120 million deal. Let’s go Breazeal, at least you have the balls to unify if you win. Death to the LDBC

  2. Breazeale you're gonna get your ass whooped. Sit the fuck down and study your "urban dictionary" so you will be able to understand all the shit Wilder is gonna talk after your ass is twitching on the canvas.

  3. Really hope Breazeale takes advantage of this year of upsets. Cowardly Wilder and his ducking is holding up the entire HW division.

  4. Dominic is way too slow, absolutely no footwork or head movement, usually looks over-weight almost flabby, sorry to say. Unless Wild'er comes inno the fight either drugged or high? I see no way whatsoever for Breazeale to win. Dominic has the slowest jab in heavy-weight history. The heavy-weight division really sucks these days. I grew up in the Ali, Foreman, Tyson era. The heavyweights of this present era? May not have even been qualified to be good sparring partners. No disrespect, just being honest. Other than Wild'er and Joshua, nobody else even has a the appearance or physique for any sport except maybe coffee and doughnut championships. This has to be at the end of an era.

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