Dubas dishes on managing salaries, Marner situation, Trade Deadline plan

Fresh off signing Auston Matthews to a 5-year contract extension, Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas joins the TSN Hockey panel to explain why he’s confident they can manage the salaries on their roster moving forward, why they’ll be patient with Mitch Marner and the team’s plan heading into the deadline.​


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  1. These contracts are getting out of hand. Throwing that kind of money around is totally disrespectful for the people who have to buy tickets. I will not ever go to a game anymore if a ticket is gonna cost as much as much as 2 or 3 weeks of groceries for my kids. Sports have lost their friggen minds and totally out of touch with reality.If professional sports ended tomorrow the world would go on and kids could play for the love of sport instead of the pressure put on them to go pro.

  2. Dubas GM you screwed up big time. Signing Nylander and overpaid. Trade him. Matthews big mistake. Marner will get offer sheets. How will leafs sign players moving forward. First round exit. I’m a leaf fan

  3. 11.6 is a bit much, but overall a good signing for term, the timing of this , no nylander type distractions. not a huge fan of dubas, letting komarov and polak go, putting sparks in net, the way he handled the whole nylander fiasco etc, but recent trade for muzzin and this signing are positive steps, so will grudgingly give him some credit for a change

  4. Quote: "There shouldn't be any pressure on Mitch" [Marner] (from GM Kyle Dubas)… to sign a proper contract. Really? Was there no pressure on Nylander, a $3.9M player who just got $7M per year because Dubas blinked before Nylander's agent in a long, unnecessary contract holdout? We are in a situation in Leafs' nation where the worst possible GM (since Ballard years) is going to take a real chance away from us because he overpays for players (remember Sundin getting $7-9 for 25 goals per year? – we have done this before – we are doing it again). Dubas shouldn't have let go of Curtis McIlhenney, or pretended Gerret Sparks could be anything more than a second string AHL backup, and Dubas shouldn't have let our top players go unsigned for so long. Why does Brandan Shenanigans, and why do the Maple Leafs brass, have so much faith in this little dweeb. Lou Lamoriello would have signed the important deals last season (for reasonable contract rates) and would have held onto the transition players Babcock actually wanted. Lou would have signed Nylander for the $4.? per year he is possibly worth and would have had it done in September, or else let him sit and think about his dismal, unsigned future for a year. Make no mistake folks, Kyle Dubas is the worst GM in modern Maple Leafs' history, and our five year cup dream dies with his tenure and his future status as judge, jury, and executioner of roster.

    Just glad he didn't find a way to mess up the Matthews deal, which was signed today, for more than a constantly-injured but obviously-talented franchise player MIGHT be worth ($11.6 annual). He still has a chance to mess up Marner's contract this coming off-season (only time Marner will negotiate). It will be interesting to see if any team makes an offer sheet for Marner. That would put the Leafs in a very difficult position, one that would have been preventable had Marner been signed in last year's off-season, when he should have been signed, for less than he is now worth.

    Kyle Dubas, Toronto hates you for good reason. You are not good at your job, despite how smart your dorky glasses make you look. You are a terrible GM, and if you don't know it now, you will figure it out eventually, when you can't get a job after TO Buds fail to produce, and nobody else will hire you in the NHL. You suck, Dubas. You are truly terrible, and you are stealing a generational chance away from Hockey Mecca's fans.

    Shame on you.

    You suck.

  5. The Toronto media is horrible. I'm glad Dubas voiced up when asked about the preferred term of Marner's upcoming contract extension. He just locked up Auston Matthews for the next 5 years, can't we just enjoy the signing? This was a big day for Leafs nation, yet we keep complaining about oh how Dubas should of locked Matthews on a 7 or 8 years deal instead of 5, how much Marner is going to get and when is he going to get signed, how can we afford to build a team around 4 guys getting paid 40 million dollars combined, bla bla bla. Every contender will go through a bit of a cap crunch, you need to spend money on a core if you stand a chance at going deep in the playoffs. Leafs media and Leafs fans needs to be better, we are on the verge of potentially doing something big this spring and we will be good for the foreseeable future. Let's just relax and celebrate Matthews extension.

  6. marner walks if he dose not get the same i would for someone who plays on pp n pk n is always out late to keep lead n beens in the top 20 nhl 2 years in a row n leads his teams both yrs too

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  8. If he let Nylander walk… Austin would have got an 8 year. (BOTTOM LINE)

    But is that taking away from Leafs now?

    Answer: YES

    Nylander once he heats up is gonna be KEY to breaking us through!

  9. Chiarelli 2.0. Dude has no idea how to negotiate a contract. 6.9 for Nylander and 11.6 for AM on a 5 year term?? Marner is licking his chops right now. He’s gonna take Dubas to the cleaners.

  10. In 5 years Dubas will either be looked upon as a big part of our success, or as the guy who screwed the franchise over literally

  11. Dubas: signs Tavares
    Haters: "say goodbye to Nylander"
    Dubas: signs Nylander
    Haters: "say goodbye to Matthews"
    Dubas: signs Matthews
    Haters, sweating their balls off: "SaY gOoDbYe To MaRnEr"

    You know how this story goes

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