Every Daniel Jones Play in NFL Debut | 2019 Highlights

Rookie QB Daniel Jones takes the Giants downfield for the first TD drive in his NFL debut. The New York Jets take on the New York Giants during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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  1. Bronco fan here but don't know why everyone was down on this guy they never learn the lesson when they say oh this guy will be great and he totally sucks you don't know everything hell remember what they were saying about Tom Brady we all know how that went hope this Jones guy does well except if he plays against Denver good luck Giants 👌

  2. I'm obviously not saying that he is a bad player. But I still think they reached for him. With Josh Allen on the board.

  3. He's the best qb in this year's draft. Stidham is gonna surprise some people, too. All of these "experts" bashing him are the same people that told us guys like Rex Grossman, Mark Sanchez, Jimmy Clausen and Blake Bortles were can't miss prospects while simultaneously telling us that guys like Drew Brees would never make it in the NFL. The giants got a gem. The dude had absolutely no help at Duke. If Haskins had been on that team nobody would have ever heard his name.

  4. That pass was wonderful, in any type of game, practice, playoffs, superbowl. the other team didn't want to be scored on and this bum was not suppose to do that

  5. Good throws but he’s going to get the ball stripped from him if he keeps bringing the ball down when throwing it. Jones reminds me of Kirk Cousins

  6. All the hate for drafting him early, this kid is a stud and Eli is nearing retirement. Daniel Jones will have his ups and downs but will be among the top rookies this coming season.

  7. Eli should be ashamed of himself. He comes in the game and starts off with the same ole’ BULLSHIT he did last year; but here comes the rookie who goes right down the field for a score! Not 2 4get the backup who also went down and scored!

  8. LMAO!!! this is where giants are now!!!??? 5 for 5 in a preseason game against the JETS!!! now ya think he is good LMAO!!! this is like when the high school basketball team puts in the kid with Autism to hit a three!!! THIS was like if cuba goodings character from radio had played last night and went 5 for 5!!!

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