Every Drew Lock Pass & Run | NFL 2019 Highlights

Check out every throw and run from rookie QB Drew Lock. The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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  1. Thought my rookie, Haskins looked better, but to be fair, he was probably playing with better talent around him. He had a little more time in the pocket. Just like Lock, he's not ready to start but showed flashes.
    Broncos fans, I haven't watched many of your games since Peyton left, so how was Case Keenum last season? I know Lindsay & Sanders got hurt which I'm sure was a pretty big blow.
    From what I saw, he made several big, down-the-field throws and in some games, make mistakes at the worst times.
    To be honest, I was used to that with Cousins lol.
    And Alex Smith never took shots down the field with us.
    I remember when Keenum & the Vikings came to our place 2 seasons ago & could not be stopped by our (at the time) pretty decent defense.

  2. Only 2 things going for him right now are his cannon arm & decent mobility for his size.
    One of the things I noticed was that he didn't seem used to the speed of the game or have any pocket awareness yet either, which is to be expected.
    Once he has more experience, his decision making and accuracy will be his 2 biggest things to focus on.

  3. people saying he didnt do well, im just glad he didnt get hurt getting hit that many times. put him in with the 2’s or 1’s and he’ll do a lot better

  4. He definitely improved from the hall of fame game. He's going through his progressions & dumping it off instead of forcing the throw. He really needs to work on identifying the blitzes & where to go with the ball, but there's definitely improvement here. 👍

  5. Looked like what you would expect out of a rookie.
    Would have been a lot better if he had Kyler's protection.
    Very impressed by Seattle's defensive front.

  6. The coach who is criticizing lock needs to sit that o-line down and give them those long ass lectures parents give there kids

  7. A much MUCH better day for him. Behind an o-line that won't get pushed back in his face more than half the time, he should be on his way to being a great qb.

  8. Not too bad Mr Lock…
    Not bad…
    Huge upside to ur ability to read defenses…
    Lock Much Better and more focused compared to when that clown Lynch first started his career in Denver..
    Lynch is merely a backup QB..
    Not starter material…

  9. As a Raider fan… I think Drew Lock will be a pretty good QB eventually. Right now he's very raw… I think one or even two seasons behind Joe Flacco would do wonders for him.

  10. Evil Mad Scientist: ATLAST! I have created the perfect masterpiece of a clone of Andrew Luck from the Colts, I shall call him….DREW LOCK!!!!

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