Every Dwayne Haskins Run & Throw vs. Giants | NFL 2019 Highlights

Watch every Dwayne Haskins run and throw on the day. The Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. People already questioning Haskins not realizing what was going against him. 1. Playing for a coach that doesn’t mess w you who is also not liked by the team, that the organization is done w and the coach himself wants to be gone 2. Not getting first team reps in practice to adequately prepare for the game 3. Not having one of the best LT in football or his best two pass catchers in Jordan Reed and Terry McLaurin. Obviously that wasn’t going to go well.

  2. really sad when talented guys get put in situations like this. hopefully he's not the next josh rosen or deshone kizer

  3. Nawl I don’t blame Dwayne one bit like you gotta give the man time with the starters should have played him week one all this let’s wait and see crap like no don’t put him in now after y’all suck

  4. DH gonna be good for the Skins. He should some good things in his first start, Skins need to improve their line and get him some tall WR’s I see a lot of Cam in him

  5. Yea that was some dogshit, but its Redskins coaching, not Haskins. Dude got a load of time to improve, this year, even next. I was sold last year, still is

  6. You can tell by the lack of follow through that he's grown used to getting hit a lot.
    If the Redskins want to fix his mechanical issues they're have to protect him so that he can take them seriously instead of assuming, rightfully so, that the coaches have no clue what they're doing.
    Tons of potential in him though. Everything is almost there. Almost.

  7. I don't know what the fuss. Peyton Manning in his first debut threw three picks. one for a pick six against Miami. He is still raw and young. He is right on track. Peyton never really figured out the Patriots. Eli did. take this game with a grain of salt. Redskins need to rebuild the lines. draft is easy. our greatest needs is OL and DL and CB. The receivers are fine. Yes.. we need a coach that uses the players ability rather than just the system. Gruden has a terrible offense system. Peppers new the play on the interception. Manusky has got to go. Everyone knows what tge defense is doing..

  8. Some of y’all ridiculous. It’s one game and he honestly didn’t look bad. Peyton Manning is the same QB who told the Colts that passing on him would be a mistake. Peyton has also thrown 6 picks in game. Bad games happen, but they don’t define careers.

  9. I predicted Haskins was a bust pre draft. I just didnt think there was anything special about him. He has time to prove me wrong but still, Giants gotta feel good about passing on him

  10. although haskins threw couple of picks but he looked really poised. Good sign for a rookie who came in with little to no preparation with the first team.

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