‘He’s the most popular guy in this room’: Leafs rally to Gardiner’s defence

After Jake Gardiner was on the receiving end of boos from the home crowd, Morgan Rielly and Mitch Marner stood up for their teammate, saying that the Leafs’ defenceman is a critical part of the team and well-loved in the locker room.


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  1. People don't realize how much pride these players take in their game. It's enough embarrassment to make those mistakes on the ice and you can be disappointed, but how about some support or just stfu they dont need thousands of people at home shitting on him too

  2. Hey you get cheered when you do good and boo’d when you don’t . That’s life .
    Sucks for Gardiner but play out the rest of his time ( a time hopefully that’s a little more consistent )

  3. Gardiner was one of two only even D tonight. Last I checked, Marner had the dumb mistake as Gardiner got outworked on the end of a long power play shift. He had 2 blocks and no giveaways. Fuck out of here you toxic "fans".

  4. Leafs defend Gardiner > than Gardiner defends for Leafs.

    Fact is he was -5 in Game 7 last year vs. Boston.

    Look at how much Morgan Rielly has improved as a two way defenceman. He used to make boneheaded mistakes too early on in his career, but he worked on it and improved. Gardiner hasn't.

    I watched the recent game vs. New Jersey and he pinched and caused two odd man rushes and coughed up the puck to lead to a goal.

    Bottom line is: He is not a steady defenceman and he's not a reliable defenceman in clutch situations.

  5. Also let's not forget this happens with every sport, every fan base. It's only overblown because it's the Leafs. It happens with Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Bruins, Habs, Giants, Warriors, Arsenal, etc…

  6. He makes great plays? Really.
    Number of shitty plays that I can recall by Jake Gardiner = A few dozen.
    Number of great plays that I can recall by Jake Gardiner = NONE.

  7. penny for your thoughts, what if Gardiner is signed by the Leafs. But he ends up making mistakes in lets say 3-4 other game 7s which costs the Leafs. Do you still defend him?

  8. 24 pts. Plus 18. Good guy, a leader, and a Leaf. Leafs fans r terrible – definitely don't deserve wins.. Fans are losers & deserve losses when don't support their own team…

  9. Hes best or 2nd best dman on our team offensively and has been just as good defensively as Zaitsev and Hainsey. Unless we get a good replacement Gardiner will be missed next year.

  10. Gardiner is the worst player in the league who gives a fuck if he can make a breakout pass if he cant even do the first letter of his position.

  11. I was at the game tonight and couldn't believe how toxic these fans were. These guys would start booing as soon as he touched the puck. Like I understand sarcastic clapping after a bad play but why would you try that hard to bring down your own team's players like that?

  12. Popular… nice guy… but every commentator and analyst and fan almost… can see this coming. Jake has some good plays, but his Defensive game isn’t up to snuff especially as I have always said… KEY breakdowns at KEY moments that swing the game. Consistently. Both playoffs, and at regular times in games. Sure the team is to blame really for this performance, but, Jake is a center of attention because he is noted too often to be making the bone head plays. Dermott better get wise too because he often does similar stupid plays lately. Zaitsev is another up and down. Kadri is terrible lately too and Marleau.

    In any event, like the fact the players in the dressing room stick up for their teammate. That is impressive.

  13. I love Jake. Dont give up if ur reading this. If u dont come back next year. I understand but thank u for everything uve done. Ur our top 2 defenseman. I also would like to say hes one of the most talented offensively gifted defensemen the leafs have ever had. So shut the fuck up all u Jake haters.

  14. Jakes a good player, but he keeps doing the same low percentage mistakes (backhand passes behind his net to no one and passes in front of his net). I think he needs to play for a team with less pressure. Quite honestly, if you're another team looking at our defense, are you worried about facing Gardiner or Zaitsev or Dermott? Soft, skilled players that let you stand in front of the net and have a hard time getting the puck out of their end. Unless we shore up the defense it's going to be another 1st round loss.

  15. I like Gardiner, but I wish I could agree with you boys but he's not a fit for this team and his style of play has cost us too many games

  16. Hes been here too long, idc how good he plays some nights, hes a double edged sword and its time to move on for him and the fans…obviously you want fair value back but I'm not gonna survive he Dubas re-signs him for another 5 years

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