Inside the Lakers drama that just keeps getting bigger | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Jorge Sedano and Tracy McGrady of The Jump tackle three separate Los Angeles Lakers topics: (0:00) Magic Johnson’s frustrations with the New Orleans Pelicans over their discussed Anthony Davis for Lonzo Ball/Kyle Kuzma/Brandon Ingram/Josh Hart/Ivica Zubac trade; (1:27) the mystery behind the meeting that Ben Simmons wanted to have with Magic, which Philadelphia 76ers GM Elton Brand says he declined; and (4:13) LA’s danger of missing the 2019 NBA playoffs.

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  1. I first heard Max Kellerman talk about Laker envy. I don't know if Lowe invented the term. Especially because Max's Laker Envy comment was a direct reference to Sigmund Freud.

  2. Ben Simmons a Grown Ass Man he can work out or chill with who ever he wants . Does he have 2 ask phillie Management who he can fuck 2. Shhheeesh.✌ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

  3. Everybody here needs to go on Google and look at pictures of mutilated white babies murdered by black racist monsters in South Africa. Saddest thing I've ever seen. This is your future, United States. Don't let evil black racists win! Fight back! Those could be your innocent babies being murdered by evil black monsters!

  4. I wonder if lakers fans have figured out by now that lebrons goal of coming to LA was NOT to win rings but to retire on the sunny sandy beaches of cali while transitioning into film. He played yall. If kobe can get chris mihm,kwame brown etc to the playoffs……..i know damn well lebron can get kuzma,rondo etc to the playoffs. I dont wanna hear how stacked the west is either….go look how stacked the west was when kobe struggled. U had suns,rockets,mavs,spurs and the utah jazz. All deep teams with great HOF caliber coaches. I rest my case

  5. Most people commenting here are just jealous butt hurt fans. They are obsessed with the Lakers who haven’t signed a big time free agent besides Lebron. Meanwhile, the Warriors have 5 all-stars and no one says a word. It’s almost like it’s the objective of every exec. to hurt the Lakers. TMac says if the Lakers had this guy or that guy blah blah blah. Complete bullshit. If the Lakers had DeAron Fox or Jayson Tatum or anyone else these guys are jizzing over they would actually be saying that they suck just like they say about the current Lakers. That’s because these are all fake media reports designed to deflate the value of Lakers players. When the Lakers had D’Angelo Russell or Julius Randle apparently they had no value. All of a sudden they leave the Lakers and now they have all this value and the Lakers made a mistake getting rid of them. No that’s just a made up narrative perpetuated by Danny Ainge and Poppovich to give a perception that the Lakers young core sucks and no one wants them therefore if you think they are any good there is something wrong with your scouting department. If Lonzo Ball was on the Celtics TMac would be saying the Lakers could have had Lonzo but they ended up with Fox and that’s their fault he’s not good enough to trade for AD who is going to be a free agent anyway and the Pelicans are going to get nothing out of him. This conspiracy to harm the Lakers has been going on now for many years. It is well calculated and orchestrated. It’s also hilarious how under Mitch Kupchak people would complain the problem with the Lakers is that they are following the rules in trying to sign free agents and that everyone knows that you have to work backdoor channels to sign free agents. You can’t wait until midnight on July 1 to contact free agents. Now, if Magic mentions a player like “[player] is an amazing talent”. Lakers get a fine $10,000,000,0000,000 for tampering while the entire NBA conspires to blackball the Lakers. It’s pathetic and it’s not going to go down any longer. The Lakers will flex their power over the NBA. Just wait until the next round of CBA negotiations. The small market shitholes and other franchises who leach off the Lakers will be on their knees begging Jeanie Buss for mercy.

  6. Get rid of Walton, Lonzo and Lebron and the Magic as well.
    Magic great player, not so much from office guy. We need to bring back Jerry West, someone the players trust and respect.

  7. The Lakers sold out when getting Lebron. I have been following them since 1981. Magic & Kobe my favorite all time NBA players…but Magic sold out, I knew this was going to turn out like this, it always does every team Lebron is on. If Lebron is the so called "Goat" which he is not, why can't he roll with this young hungry talent and be the vet and show his worth? When he got hurt they were 4th I believe in the west. All of a sudden they offering up your whole young core. Lebron's whole team got traded last year at the trade deadline. Why magic sell out. I barely even watch anymore. They took the ball out of Lonzo's hands. People talking about him like a dog, even though he is one of our best players, definitely our best defensive player by far, very high IQ, but all we want is a Big3 & old scrubs? How did that work. This is the Golden St NBA, You have to have depth!!! Boston copied Golden St, Philadelphia copied Golden St, Bucks copied Golden St, we trying to replicate what the league was doing back the Miami Lebron run? That is dead. So now you have the team in disarray with no trust. All because you trying to serve Lebron's falsehood "Goat" chase??? Lebron ain't better than Kobe, let alone Jordan…I'm upset at my lakers right now. For the record I always wanted them to get Paul George, and let him run with the youngsters, guaranteed we would have more cohesion and more successful long term…Golden St trying to run the league for a decade, lakers trying to go for 1 more for Lebron. Shame

  8. K.D. Single handily dismantled the NBA. Then came cousin's Warriors were recruiting including Draymond. Where was this sense of rule and balance then 🤔 Teams are forced to do what's best thanks to team USA Warriors. The most talented and boring team to watch. Any sport is based off competitive spirit! No fun watching lopsided wins!!!

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  10. If Lakers had kept Zubac they would be in a better position. Same with D. Russel. I can Zubac really developing in the future.

    Today Lakers would have a consistent line up that they could challenge any team with.

    PG: Russel
    SG: Kuzma
    SF: Lebron
    PF: McGee
    C: Zubac

  11. I dont understand this 'they dont have the goods' argument. Davis is on an expiring contract who says he wont resign, the options are get diminished assets or absolutely nothing when he walks. The idea that that wasnt at least a fair return is absurd to me

  12. Haha they told Ben no that’s lame. How can you deny someone for wanting to work out with a retired nba player ? Like what restrictions are there? Like tmac said I don’t have a problem with it, what’s the big deal ?

    Oh there probably scared magic will sweet talk Ben to LA.. I can see that though 😆🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. LeBron will have a Wayne Gretzky career . He will win another championship when he leaves the lakers in his last season . Gretzky won with oilers and came to LA and never won until he left . But he left titles on the table Leaving for Los Angeles .

  14. TMac sounded dumb, it's like they didn't have any meetinfs before this. Magic is upset with the way NO leaked all their offers the way they did. He should be upset indeed

  15. Rachel bring her bf to work? This show would be way better with just Tracey or all the ex nba players besides Rachel's annoying voice

  16. I think if the Lakers get to the playoffs there are only 2 teams they can't upset. the warriors of course. But the other team they haven't been able to beat are the rockets James Harden always gets in their head.

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