Jacoby Brissett Caps Off Scoring Drive w/ TD Run

Jacoby Brissett gets one past the Chiefs and runs it in for the TD. The Indianapolis Colts take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 5 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. People try to disrespect Brissett because he isn't throwing for 300 yards a game Why should he? He has probably the best line in football and a top 5 RB. Everyone double covers Hilton and Ebron can't catch a football. It would be foolish to try and throw for 300 a game. Don't try and force it. People also need to remember that this is only his 2nd season starting. Manning sucked his first two seasons. The guy threw 43 INTs in his first two seasons. He threw 81 in 4 seasons. What good are passing stats if you turn the ball over 81 times. 81 INTs and two 1 & outs in the playoffs. He didn't look remotely elite. It wasn't until after 5 seasons and 100 INTs that Manning took the next step. So lets give Brissett some time to see what he can become. And honestly, as long as the Colts are built like this and win, I don't care if he throws for 300 yards in a game for 150.

  2. Afc South Quarterbacks ranked:
    1. Jacoby Bissett
    2. Deshaun Watson
    3. Gardner Minshew (Not bad, but not as good as who’s in front of him)
    4. Marcus Mariota

  3. I think "system quarterback" is such a pathetic lazy argument to make against a quarterback. Haters, yall gotta come up with something new; something not lazy and pathetic.

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