Jay Ajayi Tears Through LA for 122 Rushing Yards! | Dolphins vs. Chargers | Wk 2 Player Highlights

Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi helped his team defeat the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. If we could just improve at LB we could have a great D. I mean we shut down the run game hard with one big 30 yard gain on a blown angle by a LB. and they still only had 43 yards rushing. If our LBs could actually cover in man an zone, QBs would see alot more pressure from our front 4 without easy dump offs to the flat and across the middle. Thats really all the chargers had. They ate up the zone across the middle and dumped it off to backs in the flat who toasted our Lbs. They had nothing else. No run game, no deep game and 2 easy interceptions were dropped. By our secondary that normally makes those plays. Week 8 we get another pro bowl saftey to go opposite reshad jones.

    This team is one good LB unit away from a top tier D fence. Oh cant forget Byron maxwell also needs to be replaced.

  2. The Phins have one of the best lines in the NFL if they can all stay healthy. Our running game was the only bright spot and the play calling was iffy at best. I'm afraid of another 8-8 year.

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