Kawhi making the Lakers a supervillain would be great for the NBA – Richard Jefferson | Get Up

Sean Farnham says it would be bad for the NBA if Kawhi Leonard signs with the Los Angeles Lakers during free agency to form a superteam with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Richard Jefferson disagrees because he sees it as great for the league to have a “supervillain,” even though the Lakers could be too strong and have issues.

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  1. Im from la..and a die hard laker fan…though the titles..through rhe lottery…it dont matter…of course i want Kawhi on my lakers..but i dont want all the attention on bandwagoners to jump on the ship…after kobe left .alot of so called laker fans left too…and i aint seen👀👀👀them…then lebron and AD come..now people want to act..like they fans.. and if kawhi come..i can see it now..oh i been a lakers fan…🙄😒…spare me

  2. Media is hating on Lebron and wants KD to take over but Kawhi is next, not KD. The media is hating on Kawhi to the Lakers because it makes KD the bum he is. They are trying to manipulate Kawhi’s decision

  3. WCF 2018 the rockets were up 3-2 against the warriors. That was such an exciting series to watch and the chip certainly wasn't a foregone conclusion.

  4. Richard Jefferson is full of shit. We know what is really at play here. This is the same guy that said Kevin Durant to GS was bad for basketball. Said "Run it Back, Same teams" cuz GS ripped his and Lebron a new asshole. But now he says Kawhi to lakers to form a supervillain is good. Let's parse this, what he's really saying is "Lebron's cock is till so far down my throat his balls are blocking my nose and I love him so much this would make sure he wins the title every year to make up for how the warriors swept our asses the last two years." He's such a hypocrite to say KD to warriors is bad but Kawhi, AD, and Lebron to lakers is great. Fuck you jefferson!

  5. Superteams are good for the league?! You people are stupid. If the warriors were healthy it would've been a sweep. That's not good for the league. What you're saying is that we gotta hope for injuries to a super team in order to enjoy the NBA. FOH!

  6. Obviously its bad it also creates disinterest in your own city’s team when you know a cheat code of a superteam exists and your city has 0 hope of a title anyways.

    NFL is the right idea but the games are extremely competitive and also 11 on O and 11 on D your bound to have multiple stars and big names but it doesn’t automatically make you a super team that destroys the league. Until every team in the NBA qualifies to be a super team it will never be good for the league.

    If Toronto proved anything too its that even if your the joke of the league, a new organization, laughed at, made fun of, players always choosing to leave, in another country etc. if you do things the right way in your organization, city, picks, and actually build a team the right way you can climb to the top.

  7. Richard Jefferson is so full of shit. He's just backing his guy LeBron. Kawhi to the Lakers would be the worst thing for the NBA. KD with the Warriors was the worst the NBA has been in decades. Kawhi on the Lakers will be the same shit.

  8. It's good for basketball.
    Higher level team brings the shit teams up. So many teams got good because they had to compete with Golden State.

  9. Superteams are no fun… The whole luxury tax system is BS just follow the NHL hard cap system to at least make it somewhat fair. What would you rather have, a highly unpredictable season where anyone could win or have a competitive season where it is not a sure thing but likely that 1 of the teams will win it all?

  10. When the Warriors did this superteam, everyone ride in the bandwagon. When the Lakers have a possibility to do the same it's bad for the league. Lakerhaters everywhere every time. If the Lakers pull this off, it's not their fault. They just had all the planets and stars and whatever else aligns, aligned. I thought you media people said that the Lakers don't do things very well since having Rob Pelinka run the show? But look at them now, it's like somehow everything is falling on their favor. AD to Lakers trade, success. Clearing cap space to sign a max-free agent, success. Had a meeting with Kawhi and a chance to sign him, success. it's Lakers' time again, just accept it already. NBA is run by prestigious franchises. Would you media people love if Nuggets, Jazz, Hawks have a superteam? I'm sure you all will. Because it's not Lakers.

  11. If he joins Lebron then i believe he is the stupids NBA player in the NBA ! Why ? He will play as no.3 or no.4 on team Lebron. But in Toronto or elsewhere he is No.1 Vote for mascot of NBA Season ! I vote for DRAKE the truth maskot of the NBA year !!!

  12. Naw fuck the parody I wanna see pure dominance from the best in the sport with the team that was the best at creating space and assets for that dominance. Everyone loves the showtime Lakers now, they were a super team like Kawhi joining Lebron and AD would be like Magic, Kareem, and Worthy

  13. With all the million of dollars that are giving to all players today every team it's a super team , are they even worth it ? Imagine what Jordan , Pippen , Ewing , Hakeem, Drexler , and all those great players would be making today

  14. They throw around the word super team too much its a big three a super team is what the warriors had damn near whole starting lineup were all-stars and they had a finals mvp as 6th man and many more weapons off the bench the lakers just have ad obj kawhii and a young kuz with nothing else

  15. KD joins warriors…
    Media: This is bad for the NBA….

    AD/Kawhi joins Lebron…
    Media: This is great for the NBA…juust great.


  16. The Lakers have way too much power in the halls of ESPN. Jefferson is crazy to think that a league dominated by one super team is good for the NBA. It is so disrespectful to the fans of small market teams who are just cast aside and dismissed. Media coverage in the NBA is by far the worst of all the major sports in NA. So much of this sport's media content is driven by gossip, innuendo, drama, contrived conflict and useless, endless speculation. It's enough to turn off the NBA for good.

    For a lesson in team oriented, comprehensive coverage that respects the privacy of it's players, nobody beats the NHL in Canada. Not even close. As a Raptors fan I have loved every minute of this season but the egos of the US media, the low IQ analysis and some of the entitled, self centered drama queens that play the sport make me respect Hockey and it's culture so much more.

    That being said, Canada fell in love with KL. He suits our personality as a country. He's hockey culture…a team first warrior on the playing surface; cool, calm and collected off of it. No drama, no bullshit, no stupid noise. If he leaves we will respect him and his decision and sincerely thank him for the NBA ride of our life. Go Raps. In Masai we trust.

  17. The King in the North, The Dynasty Killer — Our Champion, Klutch Klaw …

    You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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