Kawhi to Clippers creates parity, Russ a great fit for Heat – Quentin Richardson | Golic and Wingo

Former NBA player Quentin Richardson explains how Kawhi Leonard’s decision to join the LA Clippers with Paul George creates more parity across the NBA because a super team was not formed with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers. Richardson would also love to see Russell Westbrook traded to the Miami Heat to play with Jimmy Butler.

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  1. The LA Clippers is not going to win no championship they got me get more players and I'm going to tell you this Kawhi Leonard should have went to the Lakers the Lakers is going to win the championship coming up this season AAA of the Lakers get Westbrook oh my God it's going to really be over

  2. Kawhi saved the NBA! He literally did that by going to Clippers. If he had gone to the Lakers, viewership would have been down for next season. Now, everyone…and I mean everyone is excited to see how things play out.

  3. Kawhi with Game of Zones power moves: King in the North is going from Jon Snow to full on Daenys Targaryen

    And he just went full scorched earth on Los Angel's Landing — he ain't sharing the crown with another 'king' !

    Now he got a dragon, too — he gonna be rebuilding the city as his Kawhidom.

  4. Clippers the real LA team now haha…. top 3 Lakers are Midwest boys 'Gone Hollywood' — whereas Clippers the real ones LA team with hometown LA boys

    I think the San Diego / Clippers angle cannot be underappreciated…. Kawhi live in San Diego, went to university in San Diego, and grew up in east LA but wasn't a Lakers fan but was stuck in the Lakers' shadow. now he join the LA / ex-San Diego Clippers — and George who is another LA hometown boy who was a Clippers fan and played vs Kawhi in SoCal college bball — and they got a chance to take the Clippers out of the Lakers' shadow

    so…. two teams play in Staples now: the Midwest Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers hehehe

    (so at least their name finally makes sense XD)

  5. all these analysts keep saying paul george forced his way out. No he didnt. the thunder just realized the westbrook-george experiment wasnt going anywhere and clippers made them an offer they couldnt refuse.

  6. While discussing parity, I like how he mentioned the Pistons championships but just so happened to skip over the Spurs having 5 championships. There used to be a lot of parity during the dream team era but current players want to play on a dream team all year round. Glad to see Kawhi prove that competitiveness hasn't completely gone away in the new generation of players.

  7. Listen…..the only team it makes sense for Russ to go to is the Chicago Bulls Russ needs to be around straight shooters and out of all the teams named for him to go to nun of them have shooters not New York Miami or Detroit Chicago is the place for him

  8. Two negatives make a positive. Russ & Jimmy would be great for each other. He will finally have someone that checks him when he does bullshit, Miami's coaching staff will do the same.

  9. People are crazy thinking Westbrook and butler can coexist. Putting them on the same team will probably be the first time we see 2 allstars on the same team box it out on the court😂😂😂😂

  10. We should all THANK Kawhi… I got so goddamn SICK of these STACKED teams… Celtics in 60s, Lakers and Celtics in 80s, Bulls in 90s, Lakers and Celtics AGAIN in 2000s, and Miami and GSW recently… We FINALLY have PARITY… THANK YOU Kawhi for not joining LeWHINE in LAL… You're now my FAVORITE NBA player… You SAVED the NBA, and we should ALL applaud you and LAUGH AT LeWHINE… He's been EXPOSED as a player who can't win without HELP like MJ and Kobe did

  11. There is no way that any team will be able to win against THE Pelicans why you ask,well 4 1 simple reason The Pelicans have The Goat,Aka LONZO BALL, and the Pelicans will win 4 the next 20 years as long as they have The Goat,Aka LONZO BALL on there team.

  12. I have a problem with players demanding trades to a point where u literally take another names money then ask to dip to another team.?? No morals to the game

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