Kirk Cousins’ First TD Drive as a Viking!

New Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins makes quick work of the Denver defense on this touchdown drive. The Minnesota Vikings take on the Denver Broncos during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL preseason.

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  1. I'm a Cowboys fan, but gonna say here that Washington is gonna find out they made a big mistake. Probably be the end of Gruden, IMO.

  2. The difference between Cousins and Keenum is Keenum would've made the easy throw to Thielen on the crossing route at 0:11 while Cousins took a chance throwing the deep ball to Diggs. That's why we gave Kirk $84 million and let Case walk.

  3. Pump the brakes. Those were all easy unhurried passes with little chance of interception. But it looked nice.

  4. Cousins and Diggs chemistry developed throughout training camp. It's no wonder Vikings gave Diggs that hefty contract to stay.

  5. and plus Vikings was playing like it was the damn super bowl. Denver was taking it easy getting the fill of things while Vikings are being dumb try yards Denver will whoop ass in the regular season. just watchb

  6. he wont last in regular season. they had lots of penelties and they got away with a lot. if Chad Kelly and Keenum would of stayed in all game and our D was in then Vikings would have got crushed

  7. Guys I dont thinks you understanding. Vikings have worst receiver of the AFC east. Digs and Thailand? Who are them? From when college? They are both rookies that have not prove themself. Just one catch in before-season does not make them the elite . And Kass Kenham is not best QB in NFC east but all fine because they have take Brady in next draft. So they will win super bowl against bad team. VIKONGS SUCKS!

  8. I'm a Skins fan… Kirk is going to impress you all season long but when it comes down to the fourth quarter inside the 20 you're going to be hurt….. he has no confidence under pressure

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