Kyler Murray Runs in TD to Cap Off Drive

Kyler Murray is the MVP of this drive. The Seattle Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. easily one of the quickest release and one of the strongest arm I've seen this year. It's insane coming from a (relatively) miniature QB

  2. Everybody dogging on Kyler as if he’s a bust. Yall hes a rookie, coming off a heisman season. He has a target on his back, a bad team, bad o-line, yet is holding his own. His ceiling is so high, its crazy.

  3. Anyone who actually watches Murray play, knows the talent is there at an NFL level. He's guilty of dumb rookie mistakes — the most obvious right now is his refusal to throw the ball away. He's on a team with a historically terrible O-line, has a rookie HC, and a bottom 5 defense. Anyone who thinks he has a chance in hell of winning is delusional, nearly as delusional as those who look at his W-L and call him a bust. I'd love to see what Tom Brady would do on this team.

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